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Some Good and Bad for the Colt's defense against the Lions offense. 1st practice.

Bolt Colt

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Colts camp observations: Detroit's misdirection poses problems for Indy defense.

Detroit’s use of misdirection and play-action in the 11-on-11 work appeared to give Indianapolis some trouble.

The Lions offensive line struggled to handle the Colts’ speed and power on the defensive line.


Check out the article:



I think the defense is coming together. Practicing against the Lions will help them to gel.

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    • I'm sure MAC can manage a sneak. He's a good blocker, and has had good YAC receiving. I'd be OK with Nelson or Raimann on sneaks lol.... 
    • Your packers will be ok until they face brady(a.k.a. the cheater) in a post season game.
    • Chris Reed in his own words.   https://www.vikings.com/audio/mvp-chris-reed-talks-about-coming-back-to-minnesota-the-journey-forward-episode-   Time stamp around 14:45. Chris Reed comes on and starts talking about the excitement of getting the call and being able to come home.       Talks about it some more.
    • The tweet is single week grade.  The larger list, is full year grade.      And FYI.. Not supposed to post sub (paid for) data, unless made public. The year grade, is public, and they normally tweet top individual grades. 
    • Bingo. Ds know we won't deep much. But it's not like we can't throw more deep. It's simply our early reads are mostly shallow. Certain guys are traditionally early reads. Pittman, Granson, and RBs... Heck, even in our 1st TD (after punt fumble), the 1st read was Granson, and Woods was sorta a decoy/clear-out... You can see Ryan's first read/eye go to Granson, but he wasn't open. Woods ended up wide open, and thank guy he was same side, and Ryan had time to see him and go there.    But it's not that all clear outs are unsuccessful... they do attract deep Ss, or keep CB coverage (vertical). When we make an "out" or "post" route,  or something similar, watch for the clear out. Watch for the S go there. And sometimes are unsuccessful... Like last week in Ryan's 1st INT. Bad personnel usage. Patmon ran the clear out. Wasn't fast enough (to attract S), so S could jump the route/pass (both WRs in same area)... If Patmon burned down the field, the S would have been deeper.    It's all design... scheming routes, etc.. choosing personnel, and prioritizing reads... 
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