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How much of the Colts preseason game broadcasts do you watch or listen to:


A.  Every single second

B.  Only while the season starters are playing

C.  About a half

D.  Possibly a quarter

E.  None - preseason games are boring

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I'll go with C.   I try to watch all the games, but it is lower priority and gets missed sometimes.   For instance, the first game.  My wife and I were buying a new car and were at the dealer for much of the game.  I DVR the games and watched some of it later that night, but not all of it.

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Im going to the games regardless because they make season ticket holders pay full price for each preseason game! Kinda feel ripped off that I have to pay full price to watch 3rd-4th stringers play because of the joint practices!:rant:

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