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Training Camp Day 13-August 17-Joint practice with Lions

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30 minutes ago, TaylorTheStudMuffin said:

Tomorrow tweets might be a little one sided with them practicing on two different fields. Starts at 12. 

Hopefully there are reporters on both fields simultaneously.


No injuries or fights. Not to much to ask.

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3 hours ago, TaylorTheStudMuffin said:

It was stated he couldn’t put any pressure on the leg.


3 hours ago, PuntersArePeopleToo said:

walked off with a noticeable limp


3 hours ago, throwing BBZ said:


 Post at 15 min ago said he got up with help walked with a limp.

Choose Big Brother GIF by Big Brother After Dark



Sometimes some post don't populate then I read back through, and something new is there?


Guess I will look back to see if it's there now..






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