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2022 Colts at Bill (Pre Season) Post Game Thoughts


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3 hours ago, Solid84 said:

I hate Hines up the gut and don’t see it being a play with a high success rate. I guess the only real explanation is wanting to keep the defense honest, which has some merit of course. If he never runs the ball defenses are going to notice that and stop defending it. 

Never runs the ball?    Even last year he ran the ball over 50 times,  and some of them worked well because he averaged nearly 5 yards a carry, a career high.  

Id also like less up the middle.   Just enough to keep defenses honest. 

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5 hours ago, w87r said:

trying to out smart everyone.


Lindsey, Tyson seem to be a couple good options. 

I agree.  Its like Reich thinks no one will expect Hines running up the middle.  Its kind of a sneak attack.


But Hines has had successful runs up the middle, the 14 yard run for example.


Its just that fans over-react when Hines gets stuffed.

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