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Roquan Smith to the Colts?

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No I’m not leaking any sources saying it’ll happen, but it may be a smart move to get Smith as Leonard is dealing with injuries and we could use another top LB to go along with Shaq and Bobby. 

I would at least call Chicago to see what it would cost to trade for LB Roquan Smith. He just requested a trade. Then when Leonard does come back the Colts have a nasty trio of LBers. I would maybe offer up a 2024 2nd or 3rd. We may need the high picks in 2023 to trade up for a longterm QB. 

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Just now, NewColtsFan said:

This isn’t happening.   For way more reasons than can be counted.   Sorry. 

He's going to require being paid a handsome amount of money. I mean he said it himself that he wants to help other LBs around the country with a deal. 

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Yeah no chance. It’s very rare that Ballard gives up high draft capital and money on a player (Bucker is the only one that comes to mind). Plus there’s no chance we’d be able to have two of the highest paid LBs in the league on our roster. We don’t have the cap space for that.

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    • We made no attempt to re-sign Fischer or Glowinski. Ballard had faith in "his guys." Good job Ballard - Grigson would be so proud!
    • I wonder more why coaches continue to keep trying it when it's clear it isn't working. 
    • This team isn't going to win many games if the OL doesn't figure things out quickly.
    • Replace Pryor and Pinter and good things will happen.
    • The line has two problems.   1.  Pinter just isn’t good enough.  That’s a personal issue that I would be looking at if I was the Colts.  I would be thinking about trying Dennis Kelly or moving Pryor over to RG and letting Raimann play LT.  I will say there were a couple of plays where Pinter did hold his own vs Chris Jones but there are just too many plays where he gets turn styles or worse (see the play where he was turned into a speed bump for a sack).  Teams have figured out he’s the weak leak and are attacking accordingly.   2.  The issue Romo spot lighted today.  Communication.  Ryan is adjusting to a new offense and is having to think more than he normally does and because of that the Colts are having issues getting the protection schemes right.  Kelly gives the line their blocking assignments but Ryan gives the backs, tightends, and receivers theirs.  The best play to spotlight this was the play where KC sent five guys but both Taylor and Pryor went to block the same guy and no one picked up the guy coming inside of Pryor resulting in a free rusher on Ryan.  Romo seemed pretty confident Ryan is going to be just fine in about six weeks (which fits the patterns of offensive struggles the Colts have had under Reich at the start of the season with all the new QBs, Luck, Rivers, and Wentz all had the same adjustment period to being in a new system.).  So the good news is that should get better with time.  The really good news was that Ryan seemed like he was finally comfortable in the offense at the end of the game and the blocking was MUCH better.  Maybe it’s finally starting to click.  
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