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Adding QB Matt Ryan named Colts’ best offseason move.

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Adding QB Matt Ryan named Colts’ best offseason move

Kevin Hickey


The Indianapolis Colts wound up making some big moves at the quarterback position for the second offseason in a row, trading away Carson Wentz and acquiring Matt Ryan from the Atlanta Falcons.

While they’ve had a busy offseason between free agency, trades and the 2022 NFL draft, the addition of Ryan was named the best move on the Colts’ side since the new league year began by Zak Keefer of The Athletic.

The easy and obvious answer is the bold move the Colts made at quarterback, jettisoning Carson Wentz after only one season and embarking on their third QB search in three years. That search, which looked dismal at first, ultimately landed longtime Falcons QB Matt Ryan, whose arrival has stabilized the franchise and offered hope. “He’s damn near a coach on the field,” offensive coordinator Marcus Brady said this spring. “He could basically run this offense and this team by himself,” added rookie wide receiver Alec Pierce. “I knew he was good,” said coach Frank Reich, “but his accuracy is insane.” Now all Ryan has to do is prove it’s not false hope. Also, don’t underestimate the addition of Yannick Ngakoue at defensive end — the Colts haven’t had an elite pass rusher with his skills since Robert Mathis’ 19 1/2-sack season in 2013.

The acquisition of Ryan is the easiest answer but it also makes the most sense. The Colts needed more stability at the position and even if Wentz’s numbers on the surface look better on paper than Ryan’s did from the 2021 season, the likelihood is that the latter will provide more consistency on a play-to-play basis.

The Colts have several new faces looking to make an impact immediately, and Ryan will be leading that charge once the team returns for training camp July 26.

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