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Colt's LB corps ranked second-best in NFL!

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Colts LB corps ranked second-best in NFL

Kevin Hickey  June 29, 2022


Led by Darius Leonard, the Indianapolis Colts linebacker unit was ranked second-best in the NFL by Pro Football Focus.

As Leonard and Bobby Okereke play the majority of the snaps in the middle of the defense, the tandem has proven to be quite productive during their run together over the last three seasons.

Here’s what Pro Football Focus had to say about the ranking:

While Bobby Okereke’s grade has fluctuated over the years, Darius Leonard — the star of the Colts’ defense — has been rock solid since exploding onto the scene as a rookie. He has yet to post a sub-70.0 grade, with three out of his four years coming in above 78.0. Okereke is a solid stand-in next to Leonard. He put forth a monster rookie season in 2019 but hasn’t quite attained the same highs in subsequent seasons.

Okereke has flashed some of that high upside throughout his career. As he enters the final year of his rookie contract, the Stanford product will be looking to cash in on a new deal by playing with more consistent production.

Leonard is currently the highest-paid linebacker in the NFL and is coming off of a 2021 campaign that saw him earn his third All-Pro and third Pro Bowl nods. He did so while playing through an ankle injury for the majority of the season.

The Colts also re-signed Zaire Franklin to a three-year deal. He plays the SAM backer role while E.J. Speed has filled in nicely on special teams and as a depth piece.

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I found it interesting that we were rated that high, while they were also pretty meh on Oke's last two seasons. 


Oke's in a contract year, so hopefully he turns it up a notch or two this season. IMO, our LB depth has improved over last season, so he just might get some comp. 

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Keep in mind that 3-4 OLBs are not included in this. They'd be included in ERs.

And most 4-3 teams are in nickel more than not... 


So for the most part, all teams are getting judged primarily on 2 LBs. I'm sure there are exceptions though. 

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