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JMV's 4 Bold Predictions About the Indianapolis Colts 2022 Roster

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I would say Rodrigo has the job to lose. 

Julio isn’t signing here


Foles is obvious now


I think going into the regular season we will have a better understanding of our WR’s and that’s when the talk of TY picks up. Outside of injury I still don’t see him singing here though. 

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I think Rigo is our kicker.  I don’t think TY or Julio will be playing for the Colts.  Stampede Blue just published an interesting article analyzing on whether the Colts should trade for Terry McLaurin.  The author is all in if we don’t have to use a 1st rd. pick. Very good analysis and read.  He makes a strong argument for Ballard to do it.  Very convincing.  So maybe JMV should make this trade his next BOLD prediction.







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  Most of us know how JMV has been calling for FA wide receivers, for months and months and months…,,

   Everybody from the NFL Network, to local analysts, to podcasts from the basements of Colts “reporters”.

  Isn’t it obvious? Pittman and a bunch of guys”. 
   EVERYBODY agrees their receiving corps is , in a word… mediocre. 

    EVERYBODY agrees the guys they have are sub-par. Everybody realizes this simple fact with one exception: the Colts. 
     I believe some people are going to eat some “crow” this year. Guys like Duhlin, Straughn, Pattmon, Campbell, Coutee and others could very well step up and if they do, this team could be dangerous. 
    People point to a lack of yards and number

of catches to define the depth, not taking into account the run game Wentz’s habit of zeroing in on Pittman and the fact that there is only one football.

    This passing game could be a pleasant surprise. Then, we can finally enjoy the sweet sound of “crickets”

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