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Khari Willis on retirement Video

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    • Seems like there was a huge misunderstanding. I don’t think he did anything wrong. He even tweeted the night before this news came out he had never ever had anything like this happrn beforr and he couldn’t believe it.
    • Also from the article I linked previously:  “ Their defensive styles were different — with Indiana playing that packed-in man-to-man the entire game.  The Hoosiers rarely extended their pressure much beyond 15 feet, but any time the ball reached the paint there was aggressive help and double teams.” “Jordan was held to 13 points on 6 of 14 shooting while only grabbing one rebound.  He committed 4 turnovers.”   “When Jordan did catch the ball in the post, IU either used a double team or Dakich effectively forced him into the baseline. None of this is to take anything away from Dakich’s effort on the night.  Quite the contrary.  He should be praised for executing the game plan.  Dan Dakich did his job.  He was fundamentally solid with his positioning, and his teammates were solid with helping him out. Dakich’s excellence on the night went far beyond executing the defensive game plan.  He was masterful at facilitating the IU offense with precision passing.  No one was more important than Dakich as it related to recognizing North Carolina’s switching defense and finding its holes and weaknesses. He was the consummate team player, or a “glue guy” if you will.  Dakich drew charges, got tap outs, and blocked Jordan out to keep him off the offensive boards.  It was great all-around effort, and IU was fortunate to hang on when he fouled out with around four minutes remaining.”     “Yep, he missed jump shots.  Because that is exactly what Bob Knight wanted him to do.  And Dan Dakich and his teammates executed it to near perfection.” If this still isn’t enough for you, try these links as well: https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2020-06-02/how-indiana-stunned-north-carolina-michael-jordans-final-college-game?amp   This is easy.
    • Oh man I will be on cloud nine if we get Jim Harbaugh. Maybe Saturday can be the next GM.
    • Cowboys in a blowout. 31-9. If we win somehow I will be doing this - I don't see it though. Maybe Matt will play like 2016 Matt again and our Line will quit playing like  garbage and Taylor will quit fumbling at the 1 yard line. 
    • You are one of the best posters in here and I respect you a lot but why do you hate Jim so much. His coaching record is good, I even met the guy in person and he was very nice to me and my mom. Weird that you hate the guy. I say hate because you always say something negative about him in every post you make.
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