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Should Frank Reich be fired if we don't win the AFC South?

Should Frank Reich be fired if we don't win the AFC South?  

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  1. 1. Should Frank Reich be fired if we don't win the AFC South?

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19 hours ago, DougDew said:

You bring up facts that tend to be pointless.  The issue in this discussion is whether or not Herbert had a likely chance to be a Colt and that Ballard failed to get him, not whether or not two teams were shopping the picks.

Dude. Get a clue, and own that your statement was false.


You said no team was willing to give up those early picks that could have resulted in someone else getting one of those QBs.


And that statement was clearly false. Rappaport reported not one, but two teams (NYG and Detroit) ahead of Miami and LAC were shopping for a trade back deal. Sure, it might have ended up in bidding war, but it didn't. But both teams were reported open to dealing.

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18 hours ago, DougDew said:

Before this coming season where you persistently tell us how much dumber of a Play Caller Frank Reich is than you, please let us in on your philosophy about what a HC/OC is responsible for during a game.


A). Do you view the game like chess, where each HC/OC has equally movable objects and the contest boils down to who places their pieces in the right spots during the game.  A constant chess match if you will.  Its Reich vs McVay, each trying to outsmart the other with how they place their pieces.  And of course, Frank is always the dumber one, and in this case, he was dumber than even the interim Jax caoch.


Its not wrong to look at it that way, but its not a given its the correct way.


B). When plays get stuffed, do you first blame the guy on the sidelines, or blame the guy who didn't make the block; or the Qb who did not see the field.  IOW, do you view each side as having highly mobile pieces of differing individual talents with individual brains that tell them what to do when, which results in unequal talent and results that vacillate between teams on virtually every play.   The pieces who do well win, the pieces who suck lose.


Not that its the correct way to look at it, but its not the wrong way either.


But the two views of HC responsibilities do create a sense of what we each see.


I don't view the HC job as singular. It's part chess/strategy/planning, it's part management of personnel, and it's part motivation. And if you're a play caller on side of the ball, then you are indeed choosing to play chess. But again, that not the only responsibility.


Our roster was clearly better than Jax. Several levels better, and in almost every (if not every) area. Arguing that it wasn't is simply silly. And we had pretty much a complete team collapse. That means the majority of our team was not playing up their potential. And to put it simply, game prep and motivation, are key to players playing up to their potential. There was a huge failure.

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    • You can’t help those who are determined to complain no matter what.  
    • I mean calling things what they factually are that’s a real spin job by you lol.
    • I think the confusing part for me is the utilization. This is it for Campbell. This is his final season to prove he belongs in the NFL and right now the colts are not doing him any favors if their not even attempting to get him into space and let him work. 
    • I’m not sure you and I are watching the same defense.   Through 3 games the Colts have played 12 quarters and one full 10 minutes overtime.     IMO, the Colts defense has looked good for 5 quarters and the OT.    I’d say the 4th Q of the Houston game plus the KC game. But the defense was unimpressive for 3 quarters of the Houston game and all 4 quarters of the JVille game.   So that’s 7 bad quarters versus 5 plus good quarters.   That’s hardly coming attractions for a #1 defense.    Compounding your argument our pass rush is a long way from being a top 10 rush to be feared or respected.   They will likely get better this year but enough to help make this the number one overall defense?   Right now this feels like you’re watching our games through Blue tinted glasses.     Hey, I’d be thrilled if you’re right, but for right now,  sorry, I just don’t see what you see. 
    • There were a bottom 2ish to start the season...  They lost to Wentz... and a bad WA team. They beat a bad team, Indy, who let their QB set a new career high again (now twice). Totally out coached.  They beat a highly ranked team, with a QB broken ribs lol... who only goes as a far as QB takes them.
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