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Kickin' It With The Campbells, Episode 2: Coming Home

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I hope after 17 games, 158 catches and 2800 all purpose yards later Paris Campbell is mic'd up at the Super Bowl and every TD scored can hear him saying, with a humble tone, "yall still think I'm injury proned". Love that guy..what a great human being. Rooting for you Paris

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What a class act, can't help but root for his success!  Gone from a sure fire star to underdog, I can't wait to see him succeed! 


All the best for you this season,  GO COLTS

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    • Loved what Cross did, and there was some other stuff to like. But it's hard to get too cheery knowing it was our 1st team D vs their 2nd team O.    And let's be honest. On the first drive, Keenum drove them right down to the 5... and they went for it on 4th and 4. If Allen is in, that's a TD 99% of the time. It was Keenum though. won't call him a super scrub, but he's not a starter. And Shakir and Moss pretty much had their way that drive. Our DBs had no answer for Shakir.   And just not a lot of pressure from the DL. No sacks or QB hits at all from our starters. Expected much better vs their 2nd team OL. 
    • I have even been posting with a chip on my shoulder lately, grouchy at times, etc.. As a fan I am all in, in serious mode once September rolls around. I am on record saying AFC Title Game or bust for us, time to man up, etc..    I just think we have the QB, roster, and yes even coach to get to the Championship Game and then from there lets see what happens. Matt Ryan doesn't have that ring so I have a feeling he is going to have a big year, not so much statistically but just making big plays at crucial moments. I don't see Taylor missing much of a beat either, and I think Pittman will even be better. Hines will be our ace in the hole, bailing us out on many 3rd and shorts with the pass. I like our defense but not sold on it, I am concerned about Maniac because we need him. He creates so many game changing Turnovers. Overall, I love our team though. Only huge question mark is LT IMO, but Nelson plays on the left side so that should help.
    • There's always going to be debate, that's for sure. And yes, all sunshine and puppy dogs would be boring, and you wouldn't have much traffic lol.    Overall, I think most give rooks, new players (to the team), and new coaches/scheme, the patience they deserve.    Patience though gets shorter when folks get tired of trends, certain vets, or certain coaches. I have high hopes for Ryan/Reich. But I begin this season with the same pessimism about play calling and scheme. And that will remain until I see something different. Hopefully the addition of Ryan offsets that... But folks in general have become more skeptical of Frank the last year. And I think that will continue unless the O looks different. 
    • It most definitely isn’t. If Shakir balls out over the next couple of years and Pierce doesn’t Ballard clearly overvalues characteristics that don’t equate to production. 
    • I'm stressing full resume. Having 2 SR years really doesn't matter, at least to me. Lot's of kids play 5 years, and some even 6. I'd add that Kenny only really started 2 games (pretty sure due to injury to starter) his freshman year. Had to blow his RS. But I think overall, Kenny started 4 more games than Sam.    And I'd say the talent level in terms of supporting cast shouldn't be diminished. It's huge. Sam had 4 and 5 star kids all around him. Some years, Pitt didn't even have a single 4 star commit let alone a 5. I follow recruiting, and can remember only one 5 star kid at Pitt (Baldwin). The talent gap between the two is brutal. It's like comparing a top 5 roster in the NFL to a bottom 5 roster. It's just not even close. Pitt overachieved, UT underachieved, relative to the talent/cast.    On competition level. I think the ACC and B12 are pretty even. Both ebb and flow unlike the SEC and B10. If you look at the latest CFB ranks, here's how the top 25 fills out.   ACC: 4, 13, 16, 17, 19 B12: 9, 10, 11, 18   And ND is a part time member (5 games per year), and they're #5.    They're both class of 17 kids, but I'd guess if you look back at SoS rank for their years, you'd see years with UT ahead, and years with Pitt ahead. More ebb and flow.    But overall, no, wasn't one that hyped Pickett. I did predict during the draft he'd start at Pitt by year 2 IIRC... But this week, I said nobody should jump the shark on Sam or Pickett due to PS.     
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