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Official rookie numbers


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6 hours ago, CR91 said:

Pierce - 14

Woods - 80

Raiiman - 79

Cross -20

Johnson - 93

Olgetree - 85

Brooks - 97

Thomas - 25

From the Day 1 pictures, I’ve only been able to discern the following UCFAs:


Dallis Flowers - 30

Cullen Wick - 67

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8 hours ago, BProland85 said:

I don't know why, but I hate the #79 on an OL for the Colts. Fisher wore it last year and he was a bust signing. 

I’m surprised Raiman didn’t take his college number 76.  I don’t think a current Colt wears it.

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A lot of the newest 86 photos of rookie camp are of try-out players.  But, here are a few more numbers I could make out:


Jack Coan - 3

Kekoa Crawford - 6

Ryan Van Demark - 74

Josh Seltzner - 60

Sterling Weatherford - 55


I know #s don’t mean what they used to, positionally, but this might be an early indication that we’re making a LB out of Weatherford…

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