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One Week Out: NCF's Top-32 Players....

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My general rule of thumb in any given round....      the top-10 and the bottom 10 should be pretty obvious for the person doing the ranking.     And the rest are in the middle and the trick is to figure out if those players are closer to the top of the round, or the bottom.    


I'm usuall pretty good until the bottom-10.      And that's basically because from roughly 20 to 50,  the grades are typically very close.    In fact this year, I heard Daniel Jeremiah say he thinks players from 20-60 are all very similar.     Yeah, that surprised me too!


So, here's my top-32.    And I may do a revised list on draft day if I read/hear some interesting info.   I personally think this is a verey C+ draft.    No franchise QB,  no franchise RB, and, for me,  no top-10 WR,  though I do have 7 guys on my list.     I think this is a draft of lineman on both sides,  and receivers and DB's.


Hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment.


1.    Aiden Hutchinson           DE       Mich

Note;    He's not Young, or Garrett,  but I think he's closer to a Bosa Brother.     This year,  that's good enough for the top spot.


2.   Ickey Ekwonu                     OL    NDSt.

Note:    Jeremiah polled personnel people at the bottom of the first who had less motive to lie.   The vast majority went with Okwonu over Neal as top lineman.


3.   Evan Neal                       OT        Bama

Note:    Neal would get my vote.   6'7" and chance,  337 and is athletic.    Played a year at guard, a year at RT and a year at LT, and graded high at all.


4.   Trevon Walker                 DE        Georgia

Note:   The hot name based on long term potential.   People seem to believe he has a very high ceiling even though he didn't really produce like a classic top-10 player.


5.    Amad Gardner               CB        Cincy

Note:   I have a thing for tall, long, rangy, athletic CB's, so he's one of my top crushes in this draft.   


6.    Jermaine Johnson        DE        Flor State  (Georgia Transfer)

Note:   He jumped off the screen to me at the Senior Bowl practice.    Unblockable.   The cocern is just one year of high production.   But scary talent.


7.    Kyle Hamilton                S           ND

Note:   Didn't tell as well as hoped for at the Combine or his Pro Day.   But he has three years of incredible tape.   Can play Free, Strong,  LB,  Slot.   You name it, he makes plays


8.   Kayvon Thibideaux       Edge      Oregon

Note:  Gifted.  Talented.    But is football really important to him?   Has a hot and cold motor.   You draft the upside but worry about the downside.


9.  Charles Cross                  OT       Miss St.

Note:   Said to be the best pass blocker of all the lineman.   Needs work on run blocking.  


10.  Derek Stingley           CB           LSU

Note:    A top-10 kid based on his freshman tape.   A second rounder based on his last two years.   Had a very good combine/pro day.  





11.   Garrett Wilson             WR        OSU

Note:   Here come the receivers!   Most skilled and polished.   And he's healthy!    Gets the top spot of all receivers.


12.   Jameson Williams       WR       Bama

Note:  Would be the number one WR and a top-10 pick IF he hadn't been hurt in the National Championship game in January.  


13.    Trent McDuffie           CB        Wash

Note:   Not tall, not long, not super athletic, but all he does is cover people like a blanket.  


14.    Drake London             WR       USC

Note:  Comped to big WR's like Mike Evans and Mike Williams.  Big, fast, talented.   And dangerous in the Red Zone.


15.    Brandon Lloyd            LB          Utah

Note:  Top linebacker in this class.   Can play in most any system.  


16.  Jordan Davis                NT          Georgia

Note:  Gigantic.  6'6" and at least 340.   Yet, incredibly athletic for his size.   Perhaps Vita Vea good. 


17.   Chris Olave                 WR           OSU

Note:   Very good route runner.   Very good hands.   Big enough, fast enough.


18.   Trevor Penning            OT          N. Iowa

Note:   Plays hard, mean and angry.  Could start at RT as a rookie, and may eventually be a LT.


19.   Devonte Wyatt            DT           Georgia

Note:  I've seen him higher on lists.   I've seen him lower on lists.   But most have him comfortably in the first.   Small school, big talent.


20.   George Karlaftis        DE            Purdue

Note:   An effort guy.   Game is built on power and desire.    Not as athletic as the other edge players.


21.   Malik Willis                 QB            Liberty   (Auburn Transfer)

Note:  This is not a prediction on where he will be drafted.   Could easily go higher and maybe even top-10.    But he's not ready to start as a rookie but may have the highest ceiling of the Rookie QB's.


22.   Kenny Pickett             QB             Pitts

Note: Here's the guy who might be ready to  start as a rookie, though I think few rookie QB's are ever ready.   Guys like like are the exception to the rule.   Pickett has nearly 50 starts and really had a great jump his senior year.    But, the tiny hands have my attention.





23.   Tyler Linderbaum       C               Iowa

Note:   PFF's highest graded Center for the last 3 years.   But smallish.  290-300, which limits his appeal to many teams.  


24.   Johan Dotson            WR            Penn St.

Note:   One of my favorite receivers.   Only two drops on over 90 passes thrown his way.   Great hands,  great routes, good speed.   Hope he falls out of the first, but don't think he will.


25.   Kenyan Green             IOL           T A&M

Note:  Has played 4 of the 5 OL spots, and all of them well.   Good size and skill.    Not every team wants a guard in the first.


26.   Trey Burks                 WR             Ark

Note:   Didn't test as well as expected at either the combine or pro day.   But think a bigger Deebo Samuels.   Does everything. 


27.   Zion Johnson,.       IOL                 BC

Note:   Some think he could move to Center.   Either way,  super smart, super tough.  


28.   Christian Watson      WR             N. Dakota St.

Note:   I"ve seen him in the first,  and I've seen him down in the 50's.   But if you LOVE WR's with top traits, then stop looking.  6'4" 208, 4.36 and other top measurable stats.  There are only so many of these guys on the planet at one time.


29.   Andrew Booth          CB              Clemson

Note:   My last first round corner,  Size and speed.


30.    Demond Ridder      QB               Cincy

Note:   Tons of buzz.   Aced the draft process.   Wowed in interviews.   Got better every year and still has upside.   I think three QB's make the first and Ridder edges Corrall for me.


31.     Nakobe Dean         LB                 Georgia

Note:   Smallish, undersized.  5'11" and 225-230.    Could fall out of the first,  but is athletic enough and makes tons of plays to stay in it for me.


32.    Dax Hill                   S                    Mich

Note:    Another late riser.    Lots of buzz on him.    Seeing him on plenty of first round boards.    And since our other S is in my top-10,  feels like one more safety might sneak in.


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