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A few pff mocks for fun

Which do you prefer?  

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Which of these Mocks would you prefer and why? Let's Embrace debate before the draft. 

For these mocks I used the pff simulator; and my main focuses are WR/TE/LT/O-line depth. If someone great does fall I will take them without hesitation.  

It wont let me load all four of pff mocks to much data so I typed them out(most of these are probably unrealistic):


Mock 1 

R2 P42: Jordan Davis DI He fell I could not pass on him; maybe trade big grove

R3 P73: Zion Johnson G He fell I couldn't pass again upgrade our interior O-line 

R4 P122: Alec Pierce WR Looks like a Ballard pick 

R5 P159: Jalen Wydermyer TE I personally just have a good feeling about this guy 

R5 P179: Josh Johnson WR Change of pace from a Ballard pick

R6 P216: Luke Tenuta T I like him(no-one else does but); going with my gut

R7 P240: Breece Hall HB Iowa DARTS


Mock 2 

TRADE: Our R2 P42 Our late R3 2023 R3 2024 for Houston pick 68 and R1 2023 pick from Cleveland

R3 P68: Jalen Tolbert WR Personal favorite for late second early third 

R3 P73: Khalil Shakir WR Another receiver I like a lot double dipping 

R4 P122: Jalen Wydermyer TE Like I said earlier just a very good feeling about him idk why

R5 P159: Cordell Volson T Down the road this could be Mr. O-line utility man plug and play 

R6 P179: Alec Lindstrom C Depth/DARTS

R6 P216: Luke Tenuta T I like him(no-one else does but); going with my gut.

R7 P240: D'vonte Price HB DARTS


Mock 3

R2 P42: Bernhard Raimann T He fell and most likely I think he will take over starting duty

R3 P73: Christian Watson WR I'll take it 

R4 P122: Jeremy Ruckert TE He looks like he is a Ballard guy to me

R5 P159: Lecitus Smith G Depth which we need badly Darts

R6 P179: Micah Mcfadden LB special teams and should be a good back up to franklin

R6 P216: Charleston Rambo WR Let's give Reggie a very young Miami wr to go to work with. This pick is for Reggie Wayne only. DARTS

R7 P240: Brad Hawkins S DARTS

Mock 4(lets get crazy):

No way in hell this happens but TRADE Our picks 42 and 73 and R1 2024 for GB R1 P22 and 28

R1 P22: Trevor Penning T Sorry Mr. Pryor

R1 P28: Treylon Burks I've got him as my number 4 receiver I'll take it  

R4 P122: Cade Otton TE No brainer one of the best tight ends in the draft in round 4

R5 P159: Josh Johnson WR Adding speed

R6 P179: Alec Lindstrom C Depth which we need/DARTS

R6 P216: Alontae Taylor CB Duh 

R7 P240: Jerrion Ealy HB DARTS 

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