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Draft a QB in 2022?

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We got Matt Ryan, so there is an argument that can be made that we don't pick his replacement until the 2023 draft. We also have his backup in Sam, so do we need another QB right now? OK gang, so here are my questions:

1) Do we draft an QB this year, and if so ...

2) Who?

3) Why him?

4) In what round?

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1. Yes, if Ballard and Reich love any of them and think he can be a long-term franchise QB

2. Malik Willis

3. Best NFL traits by any QB in the draft. Will need time to develop... and that's where getting Matt Ryan fits incredibly well with that timetable. You redshirt him year 1... you see how he developes in pre-season year 2 and decide from there if you give him the keys right away or let Ryan finish his contract with us as a starter. 

4. Have to have some luck and have to trade up in the 1st

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Willis has 'elite' skills you can't teach. He may develop into something special or he may turn out to be a Bust or something in-between???I wouldn't hesitate to draft him but unfortunately the colts don't have the resources to move up that far and it's not the kinda thing they do anyway.

I just hope the Steelers don't move up to get him.

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I dont expect for the Colts to take a QB early


Its been said that the best QB in this years draft would be 5th or 6th in last years draft


As everyone knows.......The top prospects are called a "blue chip" prospect


The "experts" are saying that there isnt a blue chip QB in this draft


IMHO, you dont give up the ship (multiple future 1sts) to move up in top 10 to something that is less than than the "blue chip" status


However.......  If Carson Strong is still there in round 3, I would be tempted to take a low risk swing, or Baily Zappe in round 4 or 5


Its believed that there will be at least 2-3 Blue Chip QBs NEXT year. IMHO.... THEN is the time to be aggressive


When we have a first, and probably 2 seconds to trade with


But..... who knows..... maybe CB is love with one of the prospects


I also think that a very high risk move at this point, giving up future high draft picks and if it fails.......could very well cost 

CB and FR, their jobs


I TRULY dont see them taking that long shot risk


Its sort of maybe, exactly like,..... taking your last paycheck at a job you got laid off in to the horse track and betting it ALL on the horse that pays long odds


You will PROBABLY come home with Zero money


Better to take a MUCH lower risk move with a mid round pick, and hope for the best


Then spend this year scouting, trying to determine what QB they are going for next year

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I haven't done much scouting but really like the potential upside of Willis but he's going very early and is way out of reach. But I did see some of Carson Strong and so far I like him. Tall & Big arm. If he's there when Colts pick in 2nd round it would be interesting to see what Ballard does?


The question is do you address immediate needs for WR, LT, or use the pick for a QB? .... I would think if there's a QB you like, like Strong, you pick him. The WR & LT positions are easier to fill than a Future Franchise QB. And picking one now doesn't mean you can't pick one next year too, which is supposed to be a better class but who really knows? You keep swinging until you hit!


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Take a flyer on EJ Perry of Brown on Day 3 tested as the most athletic QB in the draft, MVP of the Shrine game, very bright. Bring him in and let him and Sam and James Morgan battled it out for the 2 spots. Low risk high reward.

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    • I think Watson will get some kind of suspension. Zeke got 6 games and was never charged for a criminal crime and that was with 1 girl. I still bet it will be 8 games at worse. I originally predicted 8 games once it came out that no criminal charges would be filed. It could still even be a year. It will be interesting to see how this ends.
    • Don't forget this Sunday's game on Fox 59 at 7:30 pm I think!
    • Im sorry I’m responding a little late….   But I took the time to re-view the 25 minute Luck press conference, and the 25 minute conference from Irsay, Ballard and Reich.    Luck says his final decision was made roughly 10-14 days before the announcement, and the execs say they knew 7-10 days ahead and the week leading up to the game was filled with almost daily conversations.  I don’t know where you got that the front office found out “that day.”    I’ve never seen that claim made by anyone else here, and there’s been plenty of mis-information put out there about Luck.    Also….  Luck didn’t participate in any team activities the entire off-season.   Zero in the Spring.   Zero in training camp.  At the presser Ballard talked about the strange off-season saying Luck ended the 2018 season feeling pretty good, then something happened at the Pro Bowl that no one could pin down.  Ankle sprain?   High ankle sprain? Shin?    No one knew.   So the team knew something was up.     Ultimately, Luck did a bad job at his press conference explaining things, and the media did a poor job of getting enough details to write a good story so people could understand.    But I’d add, that no one in the Colts seems angry with Luck.   Not Irsay, or Ballard, or Reich, or players.   No one.    Yet people here think Luck screwed the team.   A guy driven to do the right thing all his life, and yet fans here are convinced he did the wrong thing.   I confess that disappoints me.   It’s as if people never learned anything about Andrew Luck beyond his wins and losses.  I find that sad….  
    • Like most surface fans? Not sure what kind of shot ur trying to take here but okay. As for the points, there aren't really any intelligble ones to respond to. In both instances Wentz gives the ball to the other team at the very end of the game. In both TEN matchups. Also, in those specific plays there were checkdowns available.    Reich kind of took blame for one, saying he shouldn't of called a TE screen so close to the end zone. But I guess i'm just a surface fan, even though I consistently talk on a colts fan forum, frequent multiple other sites where many people post a plethora of uncensored opinions about the colts, attend games frequently, and I understand football more than most casual people.    I don't sit on the board and pretend to speak some scheme specific terminology, but I know what football looks like. And with that being said, it is easy for anyone to see that Wentz consistently put our defense in bad positions, and tried to play hero ball despite not being very good at it.  As for how that applies to this specific thread; I think having a more sensible QB on the roster will make our Oline look a lot better.    Also, as i've stated multiple times, I do recognize our offensive line had issues. However, that doesn't takeaway the reality of 2sprainz and the type of game he wanted to play, even at the cost of his own team. 
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