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2022 NFL Draft: Pro day schedule(and discussions) - 5 QBs this week!!

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4 minutes ago, stitches said:

Just saw it in the other thread... so copy-pasting my post here too :


This is... interesting. Very interesting. On a few different levels. This is a top 30 visit from what I gather. You don't usually throw those away, because they are so limited. And on the other end - it's interesting to me that Willis is even willing to come to visit a team that has earliest pick in the 40s. 


So ... a few possibilities:

1. Is there a chance he slips? And how far? I personally doubt it, but who knows? Maybe he slips to the 20s and then we can pounce? 

2. Colts must be willing to trade up for him. Or at least they've told him and his agent that if they are left impressed they'd be willing to do it. I don't think Willis is going on a visit with a random team picking in the 40s. He must like the possibility of coming here.... even with Matt Ryan under contract for 2 more years. 


In a weird way... Matt Ryan + Malik Willis might actually be the absolute perfect combination - Willis is one of the more raw prospects in the draft and he's raw in all the areas that Matt Ryan excels at. So... perfect mentor to learn from, perfect timeline - stay behind Ryan for a year and learn... no pressure to be ready right away or hell - not even in the second year... as long as progress is being made behind the scenes... 


I love the possibility here... but... in reality... I think he'd be gone in the top 10. Maybe even as high as no. 2. 

I have seen mocks where he lasts till R2 42. At this point, i think anything is possible. I agree with your points though, i think with the moves the Saints have made, either they or the Lions are going to pounce early.

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    • I think Coutee has one more year to accrue.
    • Coutee was a late waive (last cut day) by Houston that surprised a lot of folks, and we jumped on him quickly (I think it was around the time we knew TY would miss time). I don't mean necessarily that someone will grab him for a starter roll, but he'll get grabbed by someone (PS or 53). He's been in the league 4 seasons, but not sure he's met the accrued 4 year stipulation (weeks on 53). Strachan and Patmon both have a little film out there which will interest teams. Patmon has a bit of a rep for not being a my-ball guy, so that likely hurts him. Strachan is seen as raw with a high ceiling so teams are more likely to romanticize lol. All three would at least make it to a team, 53 or PS. But I think Strachan is the most likely claimed for a 53 spot. 
    • This happens every year with a late round pick. Fans go crazy and they wind up doing nothing. I just don’t get invested in that late of a draft pick because chances are slim they contribute.
    • Its not that Strachan was only a 7th round pick, so who cares?    Ballard and the scouts think they’ve uncovered a Diamond in the rough.   He’s 6’5” and 225 and runs 4.5.   And he played zero high level football until he came to the Colts.    Think of all of our draft video’s over the years where Ballard says we want traits, high level traits.   Those are things you can’t coach up.   And you can’t coach up 6’5” 225 and 4.5.   But we can coach up his ability to read defenses and the routes that he runs, and even his hands.   Those you can make better.    If you’re hung up on the round we drafted him in, think of it this way….  Had he gone to a Big Boy school like Georgia,  or Notre Dame, or USC, he likely would’ve been drafted higher.   The kid has raw talent.   We’ve given Patmon two years of polishing, odds are we’d like to give Strachan the same. 
    • I think they keep 6, and that Strachan makes the 53 man squad. As for Patmon, the guy looks like a TE these days. Been pumping that iron overtime. 
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