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Ravens signed FS Marcus Williams

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"Ravens signed FS Marcus Williams, formerly of the Saints, to a five-year, $70 million contract. 

NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reports the deal includes $37 million guaranteed. A second-round pick by the Saints back in 2017, Williams has been a quality starter from day one and was one of the best players available in free agency. Only 25, Williams is the kind of player it makes sense to splurge on in free agency. Baltimore's secondary was decimated by injuries last season, but there is still plenty of talent there and Williams only adds to that. The Ravens' defense has a good shot to get back on track in 2022. "


Damn.  He was on top of my list for FA this year.


We suck again! LOL.



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    • Its not that Strachan was only a 7th round pick, so who cares?    Ballard and the scouts think they’ve uncovered a Diamond in the rough.   He’s 6’5” and 225 and runs 4.5.   And he played zero high level football until he came to the Colts.    Think of all of our draft video’s over the years where Ballard says we want traits, high level traits.   Those are things you can’t coach up.   And you can’t coach up 6’5” 225 and 4.5.   But we can coach up his ability to read defenses and the routes that he runs, and even his hands.   Those you can make better.    If you’re hung up on the round we drafted him in, think of it this way….  Had he gone to a Big Boy school like Georgia,  or Notre Dame, or USC, he likely would’ve been drafted higher.   The kid has raw talent.   We’ve given Patmon two years of polishing, odds are we’d like to give Strachan the same. 
    • I think they keep 6, and that Strachan makes the 53 man squad. As for Patmon, the guy looks like a TE these days. Been pumping that iron overtime. 
    • Probably more to do with the Colts and Chargers are fringe playoff teams that could be battling for the postseason that late in the year.  Should be a big game for seeding or possibly an actual playoff spot. 
    • All of this is just my guess. I really don’t care who makes it. I don’t have a dog in the fight. Just get guys that can contribute.
    • Well Coutee was on the PS most of the season last year. He didn’t go anywhere. I think everyone here is over valuing Strachan worth. Anyway only two of the three is still my guess as to who makes it. Will be interesting to see who it is. I really don’t care which two. I just say Coutee because he gives us some experience and the best replacement for TY body type. I just want to win.    I see Dulin as our new pascal. I think he could end up be a steady hand like Zach when needed. Yes I know. But nothing beats the steady experience of a guy playing on the field.
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