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Its funny to me, that we've been linked to every QB under the sun, yet I haven't heard anyone connect us with Jameis. Oddly enough, I actually think he's the best option imo. Hear me out:


- Jameis has had ONE problem that has plagued him his whole career; Turnovers. Well he just sat two years learning behind one of the best QBs of all time, and being coached by one of the best coaches of all time. In that same time, he finally found out he legit couldn't even see properly lol. Went and got Lasic eye surgery. When he finally got to start after Brees retired, he had the Saints at 5-2 and they fell off a cliff as soon as he got injured. He was on pace for a 33-7 TD/INT ratio season. He was much more cautious then he previously was.


- All of these rumored targets come with risk. Kirk and Jimmy G, have massive cap hits, and we would have to give up assets in order to get them. I can't say for sure that they would make us that much better than any of the free agent guys.


- As for the other free agents, (Mariota, Trubisky), I'd still take Jameis. The only thing that is intruguing with Mariota is his running ability and what we'd be able to do with option plays etc. He's still not ever shown to be able to push the ball down the field. As for Trubisky, imo, he does everything, "meh". Doesn't do one particular thing well. Also when it comes to leadership, knowing our locker room and what we've been through, not a chance our room will buy in off the bat if we bring in Mitch, thats just the reality of it.


Winston would only cost cap space, and definitely less then what Jimmy G or Kirk are making now. The best part too, is it likely only ends in one of two ways. 1, his problems have been fixed, and we're in the playoffs. Or 2, his problems and turnovers revert, he costs us games or we bench him for Ehlingher and we finish with a top 10 pick. 


IMO there is no home run option. I didn't bring up Carr because I don't see a chance in hell why Oakland would do that, considering that was one of the reasons Mcdaniels decided to go there.


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Great Post


I also think that Jameis would be the only FA that would be an improvement over Wentz


Wilson was my option number 1


Jameis is my option number 2 (Now number 1)


I would offer a 2 year deal


The guy threw for over 5000 yards in a season a few years ago


It was a bad year for INTS but.....  he seems to have improved on the INTS with the play he had last year


In a year where there are VERY limited options..... if Winston wants to come to Indy..... make it happen


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I like Winston over Mariota and Trubisky.  He has the best arm and seemed to get his turnover problem under control after his successful eye surgery. His acl injury is a question mark so that makes Mariota the safer option.  

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1 minute ago, Coltsman1788 said:

I like Winston over Mariota and Trubisky.  He has the best arm and seemed to get his turnover problem under control after his successful eye surgery. His acl injury is a question mark so that makes Mariota the safer option.  

I would take him over Mariota or Mitch easily. 

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That is the only QB I’m down for us getting.  Would say Carr but it seems like the asking price may be too high.  I also think we’d be able to attract some receivers down here to play for him.  We have the money, all depends on what our FO and Winston wants to do.

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I wouldn’t be opposed to giving him a chance. But I want to be able to get out after 1 year or 2 years. He’s going to want a commitment, and we’re still keeping ourselves on the market for other QBs who may decide to seek a trade after this season. If we could do a one year deal I’d definitely approve of that. 

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I'm very on the fence about Winston. His stats looked good last year but after watching a few of the games there were a lot of passes that should have been TO's, similar to Wentz. He'd definitely be cheaper and does seem more willing to check it down but if we can't get Cousins/Carr I'd rather take a flier on Minshew and give him every weapon imaginable. 

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19 minutes ago, #12. said:

He would be a terrible fit for what they're doing offensively and how they're trying to win.  


11 minutes ago, tvturner said:

Winston isn't a fit in this offense




How isn't Winston a fit?  He was one of the best game managers in the league last year and he did that without MT.  Imagine what he could do with JT, Hines, MPJ, hopefully a healthy PC (lol), and some FA targets.  I can tell you one thing, he wouldn't continuously check out of runs and he would hit his layups

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The Saints are with the Panthers in the Watson trade, they're making a pitch to the Texans and Watson. That tells me that Winston will be available, and for a 1 or two year deal, at a reasonable price..

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He would be my number one option right now and has been for me all along.  Sign him to a 2 year deal for around $15-25mill range. Maybe some incentives.  Then draft a guy to develop and compete if one we like falls in range to get. I think he has the most upside of the guys available.  He’s the only available option that I think has the upside of being a possible top 10 QB and we already know he has the talent to play in the league and at least be average. He does have a tendency to throw INTs but that also is exacerbated in Bruce’s offense.  Almost everyone throws career high INTs in his offense. 

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2 hours ago, tvturner said:

Winston isn't a fit in this offense




I would LOVE to get some details from you on this


Ultimately I am nothing more than an old dude, clacking away on my laptop

I may be missing something


IMHO Winston seems to be a perfect fit for this offense


For Winston

This offense needs an accurate QB - Check

This offense needs a QB that checks down to the RB when the deep ball covered - Check (2021)

This offense need a QB that does not often turn the ball over - Check (2021)

This offense needs a QB that is Mobile - Check

This offense needs a QB that has the arm to hit the deep ball "chunk play" - Check


I havent met the guy, in the past Winston was a goofball, in college he had a dark side

He may be a *.... If he is.... OF COURSE I DONT WANT HIM


But..... The video says that WINSTON could do well in this offense


He wont cost draft capitol


He could be had for 10-12M per year (or so)


We can use the added picks to get TEs, WRs, CBs, FS, Maybe LT


He is also going to be available in May


The team mates in New Orleans have glowing reports on Winston


Sean P. gushed over Winston's work effort....  The Kid has seemingly grown up


However...... Jameis is NOT Elite


I will share he DOES have ELITE Physical skills



Some people are clammoring for Jimmy Garapolo


Jimmy Garaoplo is also not elite. Jimmy G also DOES NOT have elite physical skills.


Jimmy will cost us about 25M


He WILL also cost us draft capitol...... maybe a 1st round pick next year


Jimmy is not available until July


An offense that needs timing work to be successful NEEDS the QB to be available for the practice time, even before camp


Also their appears to be at least TWO QBs in next years draft that MIGHT be elite.....


Do you want to spend your future draft capitol where you might miss the opportunity  for a future POSSIBLE ELITE QB in next years draft? _ I DONT


2022 Draft seems to have no Elite QBs



IMHO..... the choices are FEW


We will need to choose from a smaller group of actually available (VERY IMPORTANT)





I would like your thought... I may be missing something, how Winston doesnt fit this offense

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I also like Jamie, and I think how much we criticize Reich play calling at least he is good in limiting INT for QB.


Rivers had 2nd most INT with 20 in 2019 with 23 TD / 20 INT and last season with us he had 24 TD / 11 INT.


Wentz how much we hated him did not have much INT but after having career high INT as 16 TD / 15 INT with PHI had only 27 TD / 7 INT with us last season.


Even Jacoby had 13 TD / 7 INT in 2017 and 18 TD / 6 INT in 2019.


So I wonder maybe Jamie might not be turn over machine with us :thinking:

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    • I’m old enough to remember the 2021 season. 
    • My top 15 would be: Based on eye test (except Graham and Unitas as I was too young to watch them live but I have seen film on them), stats, MVP's, over all win shares, longevity, talent, and clutchness, etc..   1. Tom Brady - eventhough I feel weary putting him here because there have been a couple of cheating scandals. 7 SB wins, 5 SB MVP's, 3 League MVP's, and his stats are among the best ever. His longevity is so impressive as well. He didn't cheat when the Bucs won it all in 2020, so there is that.   2. Joe Montana - 4 SB wins, 3 SB MVP's, 2 League MVP's. He had 0 INT's in 4 SB games, that is unbelievable.    3. Peyton Manning - 2 SB wins, 1 SB MVP,  5 League MVP's - most ever by any NFL player in history. He holds the record for most Yards (5477) and TD's (55) in 1 season = 2013. He was 3-1 vs Brady in AFC Title Games. I would put him in my top 3 all day. He is Mr. 12 wins a year.   4. Johnny Unitas - 1 SB win (1970) as an older starter but 2 NFL Championships in 1958 and 1959. He put up great stats for a QB that played in the 50's and 60's. He actually won a League MVP in the SB era (1967).   5. John Elway - Could do it all. Run, had a cannon for an arm. Once he got a running game in 1997 it wasn't fair. Won SB's in 1997 and 1998. Won League MVP in 1987. Stats wise not too shabby either = 50,000 yards passing and 300 TD's.   6. Aaron Rodgers - 1 SB win, 1 SB MVP, 4 League MVP's. He wins 12 or 13 games every year it seems in his sleep     7. Otto Graham - In his era, he dominated. Won several Championships. He belongs here at worse. I know how great he was but I just feel the other 6 QB's were better.   8. Drew Brees - Stats king, 1 SB win, he would be higher but no League MVP's.   9. Brett Favre - 1 SB win, he is the only NFL player to win 3 straight League MVP's in a row = 1995-1997. He put up huge numbers as well and was an iron man. He would be higher on this list but his total INT's has him here. He is still top 10 and fun to watch.   10. Dan Marino - the only QB I have in my top 10 that didn't win a SB/Championship. By eye test and talent alone he was top 10. He lost to Montana in his only SB appearance (1984), won the League MVP that season in 1984. He set records with TD passes and yards in 1984 that were video game numbers. He never had a defense or run game in his entire career.   11. Terry Bradshaw - He helped the Steelers to 4 SB wins, his stats weren't elite but he did win 1 League MVP, unlike lets say a Ben Roethlisberger who never won a League MVP. He had a stacked team but 4 is 4.   12. Steve Young - As a starter won 1 SB, had it not been for the Cowboys he probably wins 3. He won 2 League MVP's, Aikman never won an League MVP.   13. Roger Staubach - I think he was better than Aikman by the eye test who was also a Cowboys QB. He did win 2 SB's and went to 4 like Peyton as a starter. He was like Steve Young, he could run and scramble really well.   14. Troy Aikman - He helped the Cowboys win 3 SB's. Like Bradshaw on stacked teams but in big games his accuracy was spot on. IMO Emmitt Smith was the best player on his teams but without Troy they don't win 3 SB's either.   15. Patrick Mahomes - as a starter, has made 4 straight AFC Championships games, has won a SB and been too 2. He has won a League MVP, SB MVP, and has had a season where he threw for 5000 yards and 50 TD's = 2018. He is the best QB over the last 4 seasons easily and going into 2022 I have him #1. Even without Hill, they will still win the AFC West IMO.      - Omissions, people will say where in the hell is Sammy Baugh? Sammy is top 20 = great QB, here is the deal with Sammy. He was known as a top 20 football player of all-time because of his defense and punting ability along with his QB play, just not for his QB play. Was he a great QB, hell yes but not better than my top 15. Overall player he is arguably top 10 because of his defensive play and Punting ability's. 
    • Yup, after I posted, I looked it up. Looks like Coutee only had 2 weeks on the 53 last year, which he needs 6 min for an accrued season.    If TY isn't resigned, I think Coutee stands a decent chance of sticking on the 53. We're over stocked on bigs, not so much on Z/slot types. That is, unless they start running 6-3+ guys from Z... 
    • I think Coutee has one more year to accrue.
    • Coutee was a late waive (last cut day) by Houston that surprised a lot of folks, and we jumped on him quickly (I think it was around the time we knew TY would miss time). I don't mean necessarily that someone will grab him for a starter roll, but he'll get grabbed by someone (PS or 53). He's been in the league 4 seasons, but not sure he's met the accrued 4 year stipulation (weeks on 53). Strachan and Patmon both have a little film out there which will interest teams. Patmon has a bit of a rep for not being a my-ball guy, so that likely hurts him. Strachan is seen as raw with a high ceiling so teams are more likely to romanticize lol. All three would at least make it to a team, 53 or PS. But I think Strachan is the most likely claimed for a 53 spot. 
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