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2022 Stitches' Colts Mock Off-season (ver. 2.0 WWBD)

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The combine is done and gone and free agency is upon us. Some franchise tags have began flying around so... it's time for me to do my final mock off-season for 2022. 


I'm using Overthecap's Colts page for salary numbers. I'm using Overthecap's Colts free agency page for our own free agents.


I will be using spotrac's free agency tracker to find other teams' free agents and if there is market value figure listed, I will try to be close to it, unless I deem it unreasonable for one reason or another. 


For the draft I will be using The PFF's Mock Draft simulator. I will run it with their predictive board, but I will try to take players based on how I feel about the players without trying to cheat the system(for example if a player I have rated as a late first-early second is there on the board at 47 and is BPA, but is ranked 88 on their board I will NOT pass on him because I know I can draft him in later rounds, I would consider this cheating the system because I have information that in the real world GMs don't really have). 


This version of my mock will be heavily influenced by what I think Ballard would actually do(WWBD - what would Ballard do version) and much less about what I would do. The hardest part would be the QB position. 


Starting Team Cap Space: $42,22M


Trade: Trade Wentz to Washington Commanders for no. 75 pick. We will take on 10M of his salary and leave the rest for Washington to cover. Savings - 18.3M - This seems the most reasonable course of action based on all the reports and on the statements given by Ballard. I think Wentz gets traded or released. I think it would be really hard to get him back on the team after the off-season we've had so far. 


Restructure Braden Smith's contract so we can free up 5M dollars for this current year. 


Salary cap space after trades and restructures: $67.52M


Own Free Agents:


Unrestricted FAs

Eric Fisher - the last reports from Schefter seem to indicate that he's gone. 

Jack Doyle - retired?

T.Y. Hilton - retired? 

Mark Glowinski - let go

Xavier Rhodes - let go

Mo Alie-Cox - re-sign 2 years 6M(3M guaranteed first year)

Zach Pascal - let go... there were conflicting statements by Ballard but in some of them he was talking about Pascal as if we are moving on from him... so in this mock I am letting him go. 

Al-Quadin Muhammad - 1 year, 3M guaranteed

Sam Tevi - let go

Isaac RochellI - let go

George Odum 1 year, 2M guaranteed

T.J. Carrie - let go

Marlon Mack - let go

Kemoko Turay - there were some social media posts that suggest he is probably moving on. I personally would like to keep him for one more year but in this mock I'm letting him go. 

Julie'n Davenport - let go

Chris Reed - 2 years 5M(2.5M guaranteed first year)

Tyquan Lewis - 1 year, 2M

Andrew Sendejo - let go

Jahleel Addae - let go

Antwaun Woods - let go

Michael Badgley - let go

Matt Pryor - 1 year, 2M

Matthew Adams - let go

Zaire Franklin - 1 year, 2M



Restricted FAs

Taylor Stallworth - 1 year, 1M dollar contract 

Ashton Dulin - there are reports that we will put a 2nd round tender on him - 3.9M



Exclusive Rights FAs

Nick Nelson - let go

Quartney Davis - let go

Robert Windsor - 660K

Skai Moore - 660K

---Total Spent on Own FAs: $22.72 ||| Remaining Cap Space: $44.8M



Other Teams' FAs:

- Joseph Noteboom - 3 years 18M(10M guaranteed, 6M guaranteed year 1) - I was just doing the mock and was ready to post it when I read Schefter's news that Fisher won't be returning to the Colts. This is an alternative solution. Noteboom is pretty young(26) and was a backup to Whitworth this season, he had to play 3 games full games for the Rams when the vet was injured and acquitted himself well allowing only 4 pressures for those 3 games. He showed some good play that can be developed into a starting LT. He has the movement skils and the length that Ballard usually likes too. 

Allen Robinson II, 3 years, 45M, (25M guaranteed, 15M guaranteed year 1) - one of the best receivers in the league, unfortunately plagued by horrible QB play for the entirety of his career. At least he's used to it and has been productive even with that limitation. 

Dante Fowler Jr - 1 year, 5M - high end pedigree pass-rusher, who's had his career derailed by injuries. He was drafted in the top 5 of the draft when Gus Bradley was Jaguars' HC. 

Casey Hayward Jr - 1 year 5.5M - he's been pretty much tied to Gus Bradley over the last 5 years. He had a good bounce back year with the Riaders after a poor 2020. He will be a good vet presence for us. One of the better zone corners in recent years. 

Teddy Bridgewater - 2 years 15M (10M guaranteed, 7M guaranteed year 1)- He's going to be our bridge QB until our franchise of the future is ready to play. In reality, I don't mind any of numerous QBs here - Bridgewater, Mariota, Trubisky, Winston, etc. But for the purposes of this mock I'm picking Bridgewater 

- Marcus Maye - 1 year, 6M - Maye suffered a torn Achilles and what goes better with torn Achilles than the Colts? But seriously - Maye has had some very good seasons before his injury. He's an athletic and rangy safety who also doesn't mind playing physical in the run game. We give him a 1 year prove it deal and hope at least one of Maye and Blackmon pans out... or maybe they both do... 


Unfortunately, that's it... we don't have enough money to make more splash without restructuring more deals and I would rather us not do it. Q will play on his 5th year option or get a contract that doesn't affect this year's cap(Assume something like 5/95M with 60M guaranteed...) 


---Total Spent on Other teams' FAs: $44.50M ||| Remaining Cap Space: $0.3M


And here comes the draft... 





- Colts trade #48 to GB for #54, #127 and 2023 3d round pick. It won't be this exact trade but I feel like Ballard returns to his roots and trades back in the draft for some future capital. 


Round 2, Pick #57 - Skyy Moore, WR, Western Michigan - one of the shiftiest receivers in the draft. He has secure hands and good YAC ability. He will be potential competition/replacement for Paris Campbell for the slot spot with some upside to play on the outside as a Z receiver. He showed he has enough speed for it at the combine.


Round 3, pick 75 - Abraham Lucas, OT, Washington State - Lucas has played mostly on the right side in Washington state but the combine showed he has the movement and feet to play on the blind side(one of the best testers at the position). He also has pretty good length(33 7/8 at the combine, 34 5/8 at the Senior Bowl). He has a lot of reps in pass protection in WS' pass happy offense and it's where he really shines... good anchor and strength, good hands. Get him in the system... start developing him right away at LT and hopefully he pushes for the starting spot in year 2...


Round 3, pick 80 - Tariq Woolen, CB, UTSA - this is probably optimistic. He won't be there in the middle of the 3d most likely, because he tested off the charts at the combine and he has the perfect physical profile for an outside corner - big, long, fast. Needs development, but if he hits he can be a difference maker. There were reports Ballard was following him closely during Senior Bowl practices, where he excelled. 


Round 4, pick 118 - Jelani Woods, TE, Virginia - @Superman introduced me to him and since then I was able to watch some of his tape. He actually looks really promising. He has the size, frame, strength to be effective blocker in the run game, and he has very good movement skills to be a weapon in the pass-game. Not easy to bring down after the catch and has instances where he actually runs away from tackles. I like him. I actually think he's one of the better projects at the position. 


Round 4, pick 127- Ed Ingram, G, LSU - interior linemen with experience at both guard spots. Good competition/depth piece for our RG spot. Potential to start in the following years. 


Round 5, pick 157 - Jeffrey Gunter, EDGE, Coastal Carolina - has the physical profile and athletic traits that Ballard seems to like - 6'4" 258, with 33" arms. Good explosiveness numbers, good overall athleticism. Good shot to take at an athletic rusher from a small school. 


Round 5, pick 174(compensatory) - Zach Tom, IOL, Wake Forest - interior lineman with 3 years of starting experience and great testing at the combine. Has the movement skills and good technique, reportedly high intelligence to play OC. Good project/depth piece to take on in the later rounds. 


Round 6, pick 215(compensatory) Percy Butler, S, Louisiana  - Safety with speed and range, good instincts in zone... but also one of the better special team players in the draft. 


Round 7, pick 233 Jeremiah Moon, LB, Florida - EDGE to off ball linebacker convert. Fits well Ballard's mold - really long arms - 35" for the position. Project... 


Round 7, pick 236 Ty Chandler, RB, North Carolina - Depth/Competition at RB, potential replacement for Marlon Mack. Has pretty good burst.


Disclaimer: Previously I've counted the money for the rookies signing toward the cap but in reality those 8-9 players that will get contracts will replace other players with similar value futures contract that are accounted for in the top 53 number to begin with. We have over 30 players with salary number of around or under 1M and the dead money on huge majority of them is minuscule, so when we cut down the roster to 53, depending on who we cut, the real remaining cap space would be around 15-20M most likely, which will give us plenty of room to sign the rookies and give us room to operate during the season. 



Depth chart:


QB: Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Ehlinger, James Morgan
RB: Jonathan Taylor, Nyheim Hines,  Ty Chandler, Deon Jackson 
WR1: Allen Robinson II, Ashton Dulin, Mike Strachan
WR2:  Michael Pittman Jr, Dezmond Patmon, Zach Pascal
Slot: Parris Campbell, Skyy Moore, DeMichael Harris, Keke Coutee
TE1: Kylen Granson, Jelani Woods, Nikola Kalinic, Eli Wolf,
TE2: Mo Alie-Cox, Farrod Green, Michael Jacobson
LT: Joseph NoteboomAbraham Lucas, Carter O'Donnell, Jordan Murray, 

LG: Quenton Nelson, Will Fries, Ed Ingram 
OC: Ryan Kelly, Danny Pinter
RG: Chris Reed, Zach TomJason Poe
RT: Braden Smith, Matt Pryor, Shon Coleman

LDE: Dayo Odeyingbo, Al-Quadin Muhammad, Jeffrey Gunter
DT: Grover Stewart, Taylor Stallworth, Kameron Cline, Chris Williams
3T:  DeForest Buckner, Tyquan Lewis, R.J. McIntosh, Rob Windsor
RDE: Kwity Paye, Dante Fowler JrBen Banogu
WILL: Darius Leonard, E.J. Speed, Jeremiah Moon
MIKE: Bobby Okereke, Skai Moore, Malik Jefferson
SAM: Zaire Franklin, Jordan Glasgow
SS: Khari Willis, Percy Butler
FS: Marcus Maye, Julian Blackmon, George Odum
RCB: Casey Hayward Jr, Isaiah Rodgers, Will Redmond
LCB: Rock Ya-Sin, Marvell Tell III, Tariq Woolen, Chris Wilcox
Slot: Kenny Moore II, Anthony Chesley, Alexander Myres

Special teams:
LS: Luke Rhodes
P: Rigoberto Sanchez
K: Rodrigo Blankenship, Jake Verity


*names in green are rookies

**names in blue are new FAs/trade acquisitions


Final thoughts:

- I really have no idea what we are going to do at QB. I think we would be lucky to get a 3d for Wentz and if we do, I have no idea what the plan for replacement is. Irsay seems to want us to be competitive right away, but there really aren't many options that would accomplish that. I got the one that IMO gives us the best chance to be competitive, even though he probably has some of the lower ceilings too. Bridgewater has been solid caretaker type QB and in a way we were missing that last year. IMO he will "make the layups" as Ballard said, but probably won't give us much past that. Maybe that's enough for a playoff berth? Like I said above - I don't mind any of the other FA options too. The important part here is that I tried to keep the powder dry for next year's draft and not spend any future assets. 

- I think Allen Robinson, MPJ and Skyy Moore actually project to be an exciting group. And if we get a healthy year from Campbell and Dulin continues to rise, we might actually have a relatively good WR corps. 

- At DE we will rely on Dayo and Paye developing. Ballard seemed to like them way too much last year. Unfortunately cannot do much more than that. Fowler IMO can be a serviceable rotation piece. 

- This might be a bit controversial but I really like the CB room. Both Rock and Rodgers had solid years this last season. We add some vet experience and presence in Casey Hayward and some more high end traits to be developed in Woolen

- TE still needs work... maybe address it more seriously the following year when we will have better idea about just how good Granson is. 

- I think there is a good balance between in this mock... I'm still not sure Ballard does this much in FA. Seems like a ton compared to previous years, but he's also under pressure it seems. 



Any thoughts and critique are welcome. Cheers everybody  :cheers:


(Disclaimer: I used the blueprint from my my prevous years' mocks so it's possible there are some mistakes/leftovers from it that I didn't catch. Please don't hesitate to point out any glaring errors or things you think are overly unrealistic.)

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    • Its not that Strachan was only a 7th round pick, so who cares?    Ballard and the scouts think they’ve uncovered a Diamond in the rough.   He’s 6’5” and 225 and runs 4.5.   And he played zero high level football until he came to the Colts.    Think of all of our draft video’s over the years where Ballard says we want traits, high level traits.   Those are things you can’t coach up.   And you can’t coach up 6’5” 225 and 4.5.   But we can coach up his ability to read defenses and the routes that he runs, and even his hands.   Those you can make better.    If you’re hung up on the round we drafted him in, think of it this way….  Had he gone to a Big Boy school like Georgia,  or Notre Dame, or USC, he likely would’ve been drafted higher.   The kid has raw talent.   We’ve given Patmon two years of polishing, odds are we’d like to give Strachan the same. 
    • I think they keep 6, and that Strachan makes the 53 man squad. As for Patmon, the guy looks like a TE these days. Been pumping that iron overtime. 
    • Probably more to do with the Colts and Chargers are fringe playoff teams that could be battling for the postseason that late in the year.  Should be a big game for seeding or possibly an actual playoff spot. 
    • All of this is just my guess. I really don’t care who makes it. I don’t have a dog in the fight. Just get guys that can contribute.
    • Well Coutee was on the PS most of the season last year. He didn’t go anywhere. I think everyone here is over valuing Strachan worth. Anyway only two of the three is still my guess as to who makes it. Will be interesting to see who it is. I really don’t care which two. I just say Coutee because he gives us some experience and the best replacement for TY body type. I just want to win.    I see Dulin as our new pascal. I think he could end up be a steady hand like Zach when needed. Yes I know. But nothing beats the steady experience of a guy playing on the field.
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