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Commanders possibly including Chase Young in top QB trade


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Hey Commanders look here... we have a player who was on his way to an MVP just a few years ago. His name - Carson Wentz. And last year had a great bounce back year... 28TDs and only 7 INT. He is amazing, he can run, he's a magician escaping the pressure and makes extraordinary throws on the move(look at that Arizona game winning throw... you can't find better in the league). If you put his stats next to Josh Allen you would wonder who's who in that comparison. Today and only today he's available for you at a discount. Why, you would ask? We don't know either, it's totally shocking to most of us... but our owner is a nutjob and some say previous experiences with substance abuse have made him impulsive and overly emotional... plus he's a fan of gambling and keeps repeating something about "going all in", we suspect he might have lost a bet and now he has to trade his franchise QB. 



So yeah... what do you say about this... we give you a franchise QB Carson Wentz for Chase Young and your 2 1st round picks? Deal? 

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