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A Rod to the AFC South?


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25 minutes ago, Coltsbluefan said:

If I’m the Packers I’m taking no less than 3 1st round picks for him.


Or the Stafford deal with a swap of Tannehill to the Packers with 2 first rounders, otherwise it won't work, IMO. Titans can't keep both Tannehill and Rodgers. They can have Tannehill till Jordan Love is ready, the Packers that is, and Tannehill would have to re-do his contract in 2022 where he is guaranteed $29 million.

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If Tennessee can pull that off with their cap, there is nobody that will convince we can't do the same thing with Wilson. I don't even see how that is possible regarding Rodgers going there. It is because of Tannehill's salary + all the other players they signed this past season.

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10 minutes ago, Colts1324 said:

Rodgers may only play one more year -  two at most. I think a team gets one 1st and a mid round pick. 

I think GB would want at worse 2 1st round picks and Tannehill + maybe even Landry. Rodgers makes 26,000,000 a year. Tannehill makes 29,000,000 a year. Salary has to match for Tennessee to pull that off and I don't see GB wanting Tannehill lmao . They like Jordan Love.


I corrected my post but Rodgers total contract is worth 134,000,000 and Tannehill's is 118,000,000.

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