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30 minutes ago, coltsfeva said:

  I will be watching but skipping the commercials: I’ll pause the game at the beginning for the first half hour or so, then pick and choose what I want to look at and what I want to skip. I did this with the championship games and enjoyed fast-forwarding through the nonsense.

   Of course, some people look forward to the commercials (to each his/her own). 


DVR's aren't all that common anymore

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Bengals choose to wear their black jerseys:




Bucs wore their road jerseys with white in their SB at home last year. Now Rams will wear their road white jerseys in their SB at home this year. We will see if the "white jerseys winning 14 out of the last 17" is going to strike.


Packers wore green in 2010, Eagles wore green in 2017, Chiefs wore red in 2019, the 3 times the SB was won by team wearing their home jerseys that were not white the last 17 years. Recency bias puts the odds at 50-50 towards Bengals since it has been 2-2 the last 4 years. :) 

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I'm really looking forward to this game.  I hope it is close and exciting.  The playoffs have been really entertaining this year and I hope the SB can keep that going.


I was a Bengals fan growing up in Indy.  Watched them get crushed by the Steelers a lot in the 70s.


My wife grew up about 1.5 hours north of Detroit so we seemed to watch Stafford quite a bit and I am really happy for him with all he dealt with in Detroit.


So either way I will be good.  Don't have a clear favorite.  

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I favor the Bengals because they're the underdog, and in most cases I go for the underdog. Both quarterbacks are good, but Joe Burrow is the new "Joe Cool."  As was stated, look up the word "cool" in the dictionary and there will be photo of Burrow. Stafford, as much as he deserves to be in the Super Bow, just doesn't pull off those vibes. 


I guess it sounds like I think the cooler team should win. :D

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Burrow is amazing but he's only one guy.  I think overall this is a mismatch in LA's favor. 


They have the advantage in the trenches on both sides which are two enormous advantages.  The two biggest mismatches in the game in fact.


Which is sad because if Burrow has time that Rams secondary has zero chance to cover those three weapons.  Problem is nobody who has faced the Rams in the playoffs have had time to throw.  And no QB is any good if he doesn't have time to process.


So I expect LA wins this one comfortably.

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2 hours ago, DEFENSE said:

rooting for rams because i like the way the rams gm builds a roster with proven elite talent. no delayed gratification for rams fans

Rams' best defensive player was 2014 pick 13 round 1.

Rams' best offensive player was 2017 pick 3, round 3.

And Sunday gratitification is slightly more probable, but not guaranteed.

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