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Is this it for Tom Brady?


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13 minutes ago, chad72 said:


Well, he played at a far higher level than Peyton or Big Ben did before they retired, easily. Big Ben held on a tad too long. Peyton squeezed what he could but his body wasn't co-operating anymore. Gary Kubiak said "Peyton waved off a pass before SB half time content to go into half time without challenging the scoreboard, I have not seen him do that many times...", and he limped into the sunset carried by his D. None of that stuff w.r.t Brady. Physically far more intact than those 2 above, and to an extent better than Brees too last year who could not make all the throws he wanted down the field. Best physical shape of all the recently retired QBs I know at the time of their retirement. 

I agree. He is going out playing at an MVP level.  It has been incredible what he has done in his 40s.

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1 hour ago, chad72 said:

 Best physical shape of all the recently retired QBs I know at the time of their retirement. 


Absolute Fact.

No question about it!


He's smart too. Not that the others aren't. 


I just mean I think he sees the writing on the wall.  I think he sees the future of the NFL and the young guns taking over.  I think he's okay to move on.


Obviously, this is just my opinion.


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    • What?   No…   Its an included ingredient within the supplements, not being added by some nefarious individual walking around trying to sabotage us.    If there was some shady individual walking around slipping stuff to guys like some date rapist why would they pick AQM of all people?
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