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NFL Head Coach and GM Hires -- 2022


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16 minutes ago, NFLfan said:


No one wanted the job? I would not have taken it, but Lovie is older and he is from Texas. I saw a show on TV the other day and the people were from Big Sandy, Texas. That is where Lovie is from, IIRC. 


He should hire Josh McCown as the QB coach. 

Texans really screwed up with their coaching search. But at least they still got A 

one  who has won in the league. Hire Josh like you said and when lovie is ready to step away he will then have the experience to hire him.

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All vacant GM and head coach positions are now spoken for. The Vikings cannot introduce Kevin O'Connell as new head coach until after the Super Bowl. Unless he pulls a "McD", he will be our head coach. 


The Steelers GM is still in place but will resign after the draft. That might be the best job of all -- one with stability and with an organization with a history of success. 

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