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would you trade freeney if we got a 2nd rounder from jaguars

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take it. take any trade to free up cap space

The cap space isn't that big of a deal anymore since most of the FA worth anything are off the board. We will still get the cap space next year when we can actually put it to use (last year of contract).

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Don't the Raiders still have a 2nd round pick? If any suck...er, I mean 'team' would make that trade, the Raiders would.

They dont have a 2nd rounder. I think our best bet to get a high pick would be from a team that has multiple 2nd rounders, like the Pats. Even though we would be trading him to our hated rival, a 2nd round pick is very good value for Freeney so I would still take it.

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I'd be happy with a 3rd rounder for him.... the roster has been shredded already, so let's get a trade done if we can and bank the cap space.

At 32 years-old and apparently unwilling to re-do his contract, I'd be happy to unload him now.... he has no long-term value to a Colts team that is fully rebuilding, and his cap number is absolutely ridiculous.

Hypothetically.... a mid-3rd round pick packaged with our #64 pick could move us into the #45-50 range in the 2nd round if we'd want to target someone like Vinny Curry.

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I would like to keep freeney until mid-season at leats to see how he does in the new defense...

It wold have to be a first round pick to get him prior to the draft.

By Mid-season..that could change..

That's the thing, no team is dumb enough to give a 1st round pick for Freeney. Even they realize he's not worth a expensive pick.

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    • You just basically repeated what I’ve been saying for weeks about Wisco.  Thanks.   beng from Wisco is a negative predicter of an effective nfl rusher too.   it is also my dispassionate analysis that this years line is quite. Bit better than the one Mack stated behind and that his 3.8 almost certainly would have been better with a better line.
    • Don’t be so emotional Estreet.  We are analyzing here.  I said right now.   I don’t understand why JT is getting the Brisett treatment this year.   the narrative in the echo chamber here is the line sucks, Reich sucks, rivers sucks, the receivers suck and that’s why we don’t run well.  seems far fetched.  JT will be a useful pro but I think he will have limitations and will need a complimentary back
    • A team could skip a year here and there...and of course it’s dependent on the draft class as well (especially for which round a WR is taken). But in the course of a 5-year stretch...it should take 4 early WRs picks to build a truly strong corps...unless the first 3 are all HRs...and then you decide to pay them.   But that’s pretty unlikely. Even PIT...who has a great trio...missed on a few. But by drafting so many WRs...they can potentially move on from JuJu...which will save a lot of cap space.   Of course there are also trades for established talent...so that would just replace the need to draft one for that given year...ala Hopkins in ARI.    I would consider WR to be 3 of the starting 22...if that team runs 1-1 sets 2/3 or greater of the time. But 4-5 are getting good snaps typically.    All of this is to say...WR is a position I value highly.     
    • The team doesn't deserve it though. Despite all these weaknesses you claim the Colts have the bottom line is the Colts are  4 - 2 and still in the race for the playoffs.   I know every single team has weaknesses and its how you adapt to those that make you a good team.   Not every team is gonna be in win now mode like the Bucs this year.    Ballard going after Rivers wasn't that! He saw a guy who could possibly be an overall upgrade over Brissett and went with it but also made upgrades in the draft that have been fantastic so far in Taylor and Blackmon. Pittman will return and catch up soon! Eason is developing well too for 21'    The point is Colts are making adjustments for the present as well as the future but sometimes the value takes time. Patience is the biggest key here. 
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