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Brady could break another Brees record


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  • FortheWin changed the title to Brady could break another Brees record
29 minutes ago, FortheWin said:

He needs 16 completions for the single season record. How do folks feel about records being broken now due to the 17th game? It was bound to happen I suppose and many more will break when the NFL gets to 18 games.



He’s playing next year. He is going to own everything record before he is done.

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1 hour ago, GoPats said:


As far as single-season records go... 


IMO they should keep track and designate between 16 and 17 game seasons. When they (inevitably) add an 18th game at some point they'll have to do it again. 


I doubt that ever happens.  Did not happen when they went from 14 to 16 games.  A season is a season.  It will be interesting though when they get to 18 as I believe all the single season records will fall within 3-5 years.

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Records are nice, but if they are not kept fairly I rather enjoy the football experience, the game itself. 


You could argue that it’s best to cut it to the same number of games (14, 16, 17) when comparing records across  different seasons, but then the dynamics of each season needs to be considered.

The best is just to normalize by the number of games played that season.

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