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Patriots @ Colts, Saturday, 12/18/21, 8:15 PM ET


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4 minutes ago, IrsaysArmy said:

This game is far from over 

The game is over as long as we keep doing what we are doing.  We are a better team than them.

You'll figure that out as the game continues.   This guy isn't going to pass the Pats to victory.

And definitely not without any sort of a running game.  

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6 minutes ago, Zoltan said:

Paid so I get Wi-Fi on the plane what’s happening?

1st series, 3 passes, and out....

2nd series, run, run, run, and more run. JT bull dozing folks after a sweep from Dulin.  Then Big boy TD with JT blocking for Hines into the end zone.

Pats get the ball, punt blocked, Speed recovered for a TD....

Now ---- Pats punting again. We've got good field position to start the next series. 

commercial break.. 



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    • I don't think the games under 250 will be due to any lack of skill on Ryan's part.    I believe certain teams matchup very well versus our receivers, and we will see an immediate focus on running the ball.    Combine both of those factors with the reality that JT is the best running back in the league, there are many games where we will just chew clock and take our yards at will. If they can win with Ryan throwing 8 passes, they will do it. 
    • im surprised your so high on ryan.  not that i disagree, just didn't expect it from you. I voted he would get about 4200-4300, mainly becaue i think JT repeats again for about 16-1900 yards. 
    • According to Boomer Esiason Murray is not well liked by his teammates.
    • Your comment about guaranteeing that Matt Ryan will NOT throw for under 250 yards in a single game jumped off the page to me.      So I looked this up before posting here.    Last year, only two quarterbacks threw for more than 5,000 yards.  Brady with just over 5300 yards and Herbert with just over 5000.    For the record, Brady had FIVE games of under 250 yards and Herbert had SIX.   So if those guys had multiple games of under 250, your safest bet is that Matt Ryan will too.   That’s as close to a guarantee as you can get.    Ryan is likely to average roughly 250 a game, maybe a little more.   Which means he’ll have a good number more than 250, and a good number below.   
    • If the offense is more balanced, that will mean more O snaps.  We were 21st in plays per game on O. And we would have been even lower had we not had all the turnovers.  That's pretty darn weak. We were 12th with Rivers. 17th with JB. 5th with Luck.  Having more passing yards does not mean you have to have substantially less running yards.  You can be top 10 in both areas. Buffalo, Dallas, and AZ were.  At the end of the day, most of the SB favs, are good at passing (top 10).  More times than not, that's what it takes. 
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