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Hardknocks - Episode 4 (12/8)


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31 minutes ago, bravo4460 said:

Well, if you listen to the voices I’m about 99% sure it’s Q saying Yes sir and the Texans player asking Q if he’s good.


With Qs back and leg injuries this year it’s possible he was asking. Not really a weird question.


Not trying to make a big deal of it, It makes the video seem a little less cool, just saying my observations.



Yeah, it probably caught Q off guard when the Texan asked the question so he just said the only thing he could think of “Yes Sir” lol. We’ve all been there when someone catches us off guard.

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6 hours ago, throwing BBZ said:


 Thanks for sharing this. This would have been a good treadmill song for me 15 years ago. Haha! I liked the song.

It's from about 10 years ago, but has somehow stuck on my treadmill playlist (100 or so songs) forever lol.

Not really a techno guy, but I do appreciate Avicii (maybe like Blacc's vocals better) and some others. Always wanted to see him at Red Rocks again. Unfortunately he passed a few years ago. But great song. It'll be on my Saturday AM playlist this week I think lol. 


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    • All in all, I just don't pay much mind to PB. Sure, nice to have. Just not something anyone should put a ton of stock in.  I prefer All Pro, and other end of year ranks and awards. PFF's is really good, and is typically similar to All Pro. But, I'm not gonna complain about Pro Bowl nods for our guys lol. Unless it simulates them hold out after a down year LOLOL.. 
    • For sure. Gilmore somehow made the NFC PB roster last year, despite playing less than half of the season in the NFC and only playing 305 total snaps (only 3 games started). 
    • Like I posted in another thread, I would have done something different at RG and OC.  I think we'll decline a bit in run blocking at LT, but be better pass pro. I'm OK with that to be honest. So long as Pryor is not on skates like Fisher, and grades overall in the 70s, I'm all good.   
    • I always read the injury report for every team. That's how I know if a certain offensive player is out and maybe I would start Tyler Boyd (hypothetically) if Tee Higgins was out. Something else is if Vita Vea is out for the Bucs, then I'd be more inclined to start whatever starting RB is against the Bucs (I usually have 6 starting RBs on my team at all times). I can go on and on like if Jalen Ramsey is out, then I'm starting the no1 Vs the Rams if I own him.   There's other scenarios like picking up players on the waiver wire if a no1 or no2 WR or RB gets injured, if you have Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb gets hurt, that means you start Kareem Hunt. These are all baseline examples that apply to all 32 teams, but I'm just naming the obvious ones. Fantasy football is much deeper than seeing someone on a bye week, or an injury, and replacing him with another player. Winning fantasy players dig deep and pick apart matchups to exploit to score the maximum amount of points per week.
    • Just really depends on the entire roster. We're cheap in some areas, high spend in others. 3rd lowest on WRs. bottom 5 on Ss. High in some areas, mid in most.    It's a balancing act from year to year, and the positional spend will shift. I think OL spend will always be pretty high under Ballard though.    I agree it's good to find savings when you can (when you draft well). Not sure spending a little more on Pryor next season (assuming he plays well) would be that big of a deal. Doubt he'd be crazy expensive unless he turns into a lock down LT.    Personally, I would have shifted some things this year. Pinter to OC, traded Kelly, signed Reed for RG. I'm fine with Pryor at LT and having Raimann and DKelly as swing guys. 
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