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    • Good job summarizing that. I'd like more clarity on some definitions... for example what is considered prime starter?    But yeah... I also want to point out that Ballard actually has a strategy that relies on increased number of picks to provide more value and more hits(purely number wise) rather than increased quality of picks. So even though the %s might be lower than Polian, Ballard is trading back relatively frequently and accumulating more shots at the dart board. This is a conscious decision and one that relies ot the total numbers rather than on %(in other words - 6 out 10 is better than 5/7... rough numbers but you get the point) . Worth noting that even with that strategy and with him trading 2 1st round picks he still gets to respectable(IMO) 60% hit rate in the first 50. That's why you won't ever hear me bash him for his draft trading strategy. I think this is actually a good strategy over the long run. I just wish he would value the skill positions and defenders of the skill positions more. 
    • So you're talking about a game I said we should run, and try deep against their lesser DB...   And we short passed to a punt in the first series... Then did what I wanted in the second series... and got a TD...   Sure,,,, that one...     Keep Reich gushing... 
    • Since you love hiding behind emojis.... @NewColtsFan please explain shelving our obvious best weapon (JT) in any game, at least use him in other facets....  please explain tossing all over the yard vs bad run Ds.... please explain giving no reps to your backup QB when QB1 was doubtful, yet calling an air raid game plan with QB2 vs a team that was bad vs the run...  please explain using a 5-10, really 5-9, guy, as a possession WR doing post ups in the flat and on the sideline.  please explain signing an APB to a top 10 RB salary, then cutting his reps to 2019 level instead of increasing them...    Let's hear it old wise gusher lol. 
    • “Even if you don’t have enough football acumen to recognize play calling route tendencies”   This, from the man who had a hissy fit meltdown over the first three plays of the New England game.  Multiple posts with your outrage over a literal Nothing Burger.   And it came when stories leading up to the game all reported that teams had been having success throwing against the Pats in the first quarter.  It was talked about right here.      Feank did just that for three plays, and one poster melted down.      Talk about a complete lack of football acumen?!   Lol!!   
    • I'd love Terron Armstead but he might be out of our price range. Kirk, Gesicki, and Williams though would be pretty fantastic! 
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