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What is your one bold prediction for tomorrow (at Houston)


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I am 100 percent certain Frank will not call 26 straight pass plays.   RPO’s or otherwise. 

Ok…. Maybe not 100 percent,  but certainly 99 positive it won’t happen. 

Ok….  Maybe not 99 percent sure, but certainly 98 percent!   Yup, 98 sure it will not happen!


How about fractions?   Are fractions allowed? :giveup: 

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You want Bold? Here's an unpopular contrarian bold prediction. 


We lose to the Texans today. 28-24


Dogs Howl 

Cats Meow

The forum goes crazy


I certainly hope it doesn't happen, but 28 posts in, I'm surprised no one predicted it as a bold prediction. I'll either look ridiculous when the Colts blow out the Texans, or I'll be a disliked genius when the Colts blow a close game. Lets hope it doesn't happen, but I'm going BOLD here! haha 

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10 minutes ago, CoachLite said:

Early Sunday morning, Dr. Fauci will announce that a new COVID strain is transmitted by passing gas. The team will be mandated to wear masks on their nether end.


Did Fauci fund gain of gas research too?



9 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

A Gas Mask, right? Thats Good The Simpsons GIF


* mask?

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