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Cowboy's Anthony Brown's Four DPI's Yesterday

King Colt

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I don't recall ever seeing a secondary player getting flagged four times for defensive pass interference. His last one was in overtime. I know nothing about him but to just blow it off does not seem like the right thing to do.  If he is playing like that at this point in the season the Cowboys better think of sitting him.

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Well, Anthony Quinn's squads have a habit of getting DPIs, plenty of DPIs in the Falcons-Patriots SB that gave the Patriots several first downs. At some point, a player has to learn but if he doesn't, there is only so much the DC (Quinn here) can do. So, was it the Chiefs offense or was it the Cowboys defense that led to the low scoring Chiefs-Cowboys game? I am thinking the Chiefs offense has become limited and has been bailed out by their D the last 4 games.


If they go 0-2 vs the Chargers in the division, they will be fighting for a wild card. Cowboys still have a game against the Eagles who are surging, we will see how that goes.

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