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Titans @ Colts, October 31, 2021, 1:00 PM EDT


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1 minute ago, IndySouthsider said:

I think Henry is hurt. Colts need to recognize and adjust to focus on Brown.

I agree, but with who? Moore is a stud but he can’t play on Brown, RYS has been rough today, Rhodes sucks this year, Willis is injured, Blackmon is done...we have no one

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Just now, coming on strong said:

colts cant stop them it could be over after this drive .  maybe next year ballard will get some pass rush and better weapons . the titans wrs are getting non stop open our guys are blanketed every down .

Yeah it looks like they've got 13/14 guys on defense.


Get open guys...

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Just now, IndySouthsider said:

Not sure I would be showing faith in Mo. 

Mo does fail to catch more balls than I'd like, but of those two plays, the first one wasn't on him. Wentz put it behind him. The second one was a miscommunication/misread, not sure if it was MAC or Wentz at fault there

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2 minutes ago, Colts1324 said:

To be honest, our crowd noise is pretty weak. Even during the Manning/James half time ceremony, it wasn't nearly as loud as I expected. 


I thought our crowd was louder today than the rest of this season. But defense doesn’t do any better when we are loud and Titans don’t do any worse. Crowd feels powerless in my opinion. 

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1 minute ago, Wentzszn said:

Titans have done a good job stopping the run outside of screen passes. We haven’t been able to pass to loosen that up.


TN secondary has played well. 

no they haven't... 

JT has a 6.4 AVG... he's just not getting an opportunity to run....

last game vs TN he only had 10 carries and had a 6+ AVG...


1 minute ago, Chrisaaron1023 said:

Jt with the same amount of yards and 10 less carries and huge runs called back


such a head scratcher... 

it's like Frank just trying to be too cute at times. 

we have 10 total RB runs, and 30 throws.. 

just dumb

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It has become painfully obvious that the Colts lack sufficient receiving talent, both at WE and TE. We have ONE WR...Pittman...TY is done...Campbell is injury-prone...the others are mediocre. At TE we have no top players. Wentz is trying to make chicken soup out of chicken droppings.

Ballard has drafted D at the expense of the O...we are not going anywhere until Ballard drafts early some good offensive players.

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