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I would also like to know why you think it is out of control. If you don't want to respond in this thread, please feel free to send me a PM as to what is troubling you.

I want you and everyone else to know that you can always come to me and any of the other mods with any problems you may have.

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personally I am curious, I am not a computer expert and only blogs i have took part in where all colt ones,

Haven't found anything offensive here save the occasional trolling pest but that's expected

I must say as I am fearful of change this was easier than expected

Only problems i see is occasionally last week site hard to log in on, or rare when posting initial blog it says cant as just did within seconds etc, more an occasional nuisance / site glitch than a permanent problem

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i have noticed that people are on here are real quick to attack an OP for little to no reason. At times people get pretty combative on here. its weird.

To that I would say....welcome to the internet. Where out of shape goofs grow muscles and anonymity provides people an outlet. I dare any of you to find a fan forum that doesn't struggle with E-bullies and mouthy people.

Frankly, I was insulted by the comment that this forum "is stupid". I'm pretty even tempered and even I toe the line pretty close sometimes when people say off the wall comments. However we have many members that have tried really hard to make this a fun place to talk football.

The mods here do a wonderful job in dealing with problematic people, and to that end, even show no hesitation in reminding people of the rules even if said people are on their friends list. I know this first hand.

I don't mean it to be an attack, but if manningstheman couldn't hack it here, I doubt he will ever find a forum that he could tolerate. This place is as clean as it gets, period.

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I am sorry but i started out respecting this blog

Forum, not blog, but thanks!

...and now its way out of control.

..out of control how? When posts or posters are reported action is taken, and there's plenty of clean-up work that goes on in threads that most people never see. way out of control would seem to imply that there are either tons of trolls that are unchecked, or simply a lack of moderation. I'm fairly sure that neither of those is the case.

...It is stupid.

Please explain why you consider 'it' to be stupid. Is it because posters disagree with your point of view, or is it because they lack your emeritus education in football? Seriously, this is a fan forum that welcomes football fans of all kinds as long as they want to talk principally about the Colts. Fans of all kinds, ages, levels of understanding, ability, etc. There's no entrance exam or assessment of ability, nor should there be. If a new fan who is new to the game comes here, are they stupid for seeking out discussion of their favorite sport/team? Are they stupid for being at the lower end of a learning curve?

...Sorry for sayimg that, but its true.

If you were sorry, you wouldn't have said it. Nor is it true simply because you say so. In fact, to be honest the only stupidity I'm sensing is the lack of intelligence or common sense in this complaint about a forum (not a blog). Are you seriously so lackig in common sense as to suppose that a forum for football fans wouldn't include fans of all kinds ranging from expert to novice and from devoted to casual? Really?

...Have fun acting like you know anything

What, you mean like you? Seriously, come on you can do better than that. If you're going to pretend to be superior at least demonstrate that superiority for us.

Well, I guess the point here is that this is the Colts Fan Forum, if your a Colts fan, welcome. If you're a football fan, welcome - just keep in mind that this is a Colts forum and the Colts are the primary topic. The forum is here for everyone, not just the self appointed experts. We all value those with a deeper understanding of the game for their opinions and thoughts in the discussions here. For many participants, these discussions can be helpful in their understanding of the game.

But we also have to recognize that not every forum poster want's to understand what a Sam or Will linebacker is, or the intricacies of the Tampa 2 defense vs a traditional cover 2, or what a 23 personnel package is on offense. Lots of people don't want to know that level of detail, but some do. Lots of people don't want to know the intricacies of the player's contracts or how they are structured, but some do.

All these fans are welcome, fans of all abilities that support their team are welcome, why wouldn't they be? If that means that sometimes a fan that is very knowledgeable encounters basic questions or people that just don't understand something, that's just the way it is. You know, that's actually an opportunity to teach something about the game, and an opportunity to show that you are a better person by understanding that not everyone has the knowledge or level of devotion that you do.

Obviously this is the Internet, so there will also be those who don't wish constructive discussion, or who simply want to trash talk or flame or insult or vandalize. Those users are the reason that there are moderators and buttons to report posts. Such posters seldom last long, especially when the community is proactive in reporting them.

So, I hope everyone can remember that we are a broad fanbase with variable levels of understanding of the game, but that we are all still Colts fans and football fans and that each deserves the same respect we would wish for ourselves. Everyone, except perhaps 'manningstheman' who appears to want to exclude him/herself from the group.

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