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2021 Thursday Night NYG vs WFT


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28 minutes ago, RollerColt said:

Yeah, I wasn’t expecting much from either team, and figured the home team would have the advantage. But Jones and the Giants went right down and scored. I missed Fitzpatrick getting hurt last weekend… had no idea until tonight.


I feel sorry for Jones. Playing on such a rotten team with a rotten OL lol...

Fitztmagic loss is big, but their D will keep them in a lot of games. 

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32 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

I am at work and got real busy in the last hour, so I missed the ending. Just seen the score, wow Giants now 0-2. Heinicke threw for 336 Yards and 2 TD's Sarcastic Twitch GIF by Hyper RPG

I feel sorry for Jones. Good, mistake free game, and his awful team steps on their own Ds... 

TH looked great though. Good strong series after tossing that INT. And it wasn't a horrible INT, more of a great DB play.


Fun game. Can't ask for more from MNFB and TNFB so far.

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