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Week 1 is in the books for 2021 College Football


At this time, I haven't done any evaluating of QB's or offensive lineman but have broken down and gave initial round grades of some promising draftees.  The Colts are one of the Top-10 teams creating turnovers and have selected key defensive players to continue to watch as the season progresses in bold. 


FS Kyle Hamilton (ND) – Round 1 – create TOs. PFF Week 1 grade of 86.6

SS Brandon Joseph (Northwestern) – Round 1-2

FS Daxton Hill (Michigan) – Round 2

FS Kenderick Duncan JR (Louisville) – Round 2

FS Leon O’Neal JR (Texas A&M) – Round 2 – create TOs

SS Jaquan Brisker (PSU) – Round 2 – Week 1 PFF graded him 87.1 which was 2nd Highest

SS Xavier Henderson (Michigan St) Round 5-6

FS Joey Blount (Virginia) – Round 7


WR Romeo Doubs (Nevada) – Round 1-2

WR John Metchie III (Alabama) – Round 1-2

WR Erik Ezukanwa (Texas Tech) – Round 2

WR David Bell (Purdue) – Round 3

WR Ainias Smith (Texas A&M) – Round 3

WR Khalil Shakir (Boise St.) – Round 4

WR Ty Fryfogle – Round 4-5

WR Jalen Tolbert (South Alabama) – Round 5-6

WR Dontay Demus JR. (Maryland) – Round 5-6


TE Isaiah Likely (Coastal Carolina) – Round 2-3

TE Cole Turner (Nevada) – Round 3

TE Jake Ferguson (Wisconsin) Round 3-4

TE Derrick Deese JR (San Jose St.) Round 6

TE James Mitchell (Virginia Tech) – Round 6

TE Trae Barry (BC) – Round 6-7


CB Martin Emerson (Miss. St.) Round 2

NCB Chamarri Conner (Virginia Tech) - Round 3 - create TOs - Week 1 earned ACC Defensive Back – awarded legendary coach Frank Beamer’s jersey for standout efforts during ST practice.  Named 2021 Team Captain

CB Coby Bryant (Cincy) – Round 4 create TOs

CB Tariq Castro-Fields (PSU) - Round 5

CB Alontae Taylor (Tennessee) – Round 5

CB Ja’Sir Taylor (Wake Forest) Round 7 – Week 1 became first Wake Forest player to have a TD in his first career kickoff return.  First player of the 2021 season KR 99 yards and had an INT.


MLB Devin Lloyd (Utah) – Round 2 – create TOs - PAC-12 Defensive player in Week 1

MLB Ellis Brooks (PSU) - Round 4

LB or Edge Mitchell Agude (UCLA) – Round 4-5 – create TOs

LB Edefuan Ulofoshio (Washington) - Round 5

SLB Mike Rose (Iowa St) – Round 5


RB Zonovan Knight (NC St.) Round 2-3


LDT Travis Jones (UConn) Round 2-3

DT Zachary Carter (Florida) 3-4 LDE Round 3-4

RDT Dante Stills (West Virginia) – Round 6


Edge Amare Barno (Virginia Tech) – Round 3-4 create TOs - Spy LB (D.Leonard)


Let me know which players you are keeping track of and who else you might think the Colts could be interested in.

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I'll add two of my personal favourites here:


WR Jahan Dotson

TE Cade Otton


I feel like next year's TE class will be very good and we might add to that room again, given that Jack Doyle is not getting any younger and only 750k of his 6m salary in 2022 is guaranteed. I like Doyle, but Otton or Likely are 2 guys I would rather have on this team, given their significantly higher athleticism. 


I absolutely love Jaquan Brisker as well, can't wait to draft him in all my IDP leagues.

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Week 2 College Football is completed.


The majority of last week’s Wide Receivers continued to have solid outing this past weekend.


WR John Metchie III (Alabama)

WR Erik Ezukanwa (Texas Tech)

WR David Bell (Purdue)

WR Khalil Shakir (Boise St.)

WR Jalen Tolbert (South Alabama)

WR Dontay Demus JR. (Maryland)


Linebacker Mitchell Agude (UCLA) continues to put on a clinic with 6 more tackles and a sack.  He now has 10 total tackles, 1 sack and 2 forced fumbles.  Devin Lloyd also continues to find himself around the football with 13 total tackles along with 1 pass defended.  Lloyd should continue to make a case to be drafted on Day 1 as he now has 25 total tackles in two weeks along with 1 sack, 1 forced fumble and 1 interception.  Another player who is making a name for himself that has impressed me is NCB Chamarri Conner (VT).  Last week Conner had an interception and this week he had 1 sack along with 1 forced fumble to go with his 4 tackles.


This year’s tight end class is proving itself with Isaiah Likely (Coastal Carolina), Cole Turner (Nevada), Derrick Desse JR. (San Joe State), Trae Barry (BC).  As for defensive backs, Martin Emerson (Mississippi St.) is a Junior but has shown to be a top CB in the SEC.  Safety Joey Blount (Virginia) trying to boost this draft stock with another decent outing.  Strong Safety Xavier Henderson (Michigan St.) is off to a great Senior season after his Week 2 outing of 8 total tackles, 1 sack, 1 interception along with 1 pass defended.  Henderson now has 2 sacks along with 17 total tackles for the year.


As @PureLuck noted, Jahan Dotson has had two solid weeks. 


This week’s rise and shiner’s additions are:


The biggest performance of the week was CJ Verdell (Oregon) who had a field day against The Ohio State University.  Verdell racked up a total of 195 yards and 3 touchdowns helping Oregon defeat OSU.


After two weeks SAM LB Noah Taylor (Virginia) has 13 total tackles, 2 sacks, and a pass defended.  Taylor has shown a history of creating turnovers and defending passes.  Middle linebacker Nate Landman (Colorado) has been slow to create turnovers this season but now has 14 total tackles and 3 passes defended.


Defensive back Roger McCreary (Auburn) has been on my watch-list and he didn’t disappoint in Week 2 as he had 7 total tackles with one pick-6.  After a quiet Week 1, LCB Matt Hankins (Iowa) made a name for himself helping Iowa beat in-state rivals Iowa State by picking off 2 passes and defending 1 pass.


As @Kangaroo mentioned, Stanford’s QB Tanner McKee helped make Tight End Greg Dulcich presence known versus LSU this past weekend hauling in 3 catches for 117 yards and a touchdown.  Do have to give the big DT Dion Novil (North Texas) a shout out for his first career interception, picking off a pass and going 17 yards.  Novil now has 4 total tackles and is someone to continue to monitor as the season progresses.  Another player on my watch-list to add defensive line depth behind Grover Stewart is Ifeanyi Maijeh (Rutgers).  Maijeh had a solid 2019 and was slow to produce stats In Week 1 but in Week 2 he did have 3 solo tackles along with one sack.  Defensive tackle Will Choloh Jr. (Troy) is showing promise and now has 13 total tackles and 3 ½ sacks after two weeks.  According to PFF, in 2020 Choloh ranked third nationally among IDL with a 90.3 pass rush grade.  He also ranked fourth nationally with 31 pressures.


With Wentz starting Week 1 for the Colts I haven't had anytime to look at college quarterbacks nor offensive lineman.  I may need to do more research on offensive lineman, especially after the way the Colt's offensive line played in Week 1.  


Am sure my scouting list may be lacking a few eligible Junior/Senior's for the upcoming Draft.  Please feel fee to add who you think has Colt's potential and has improved their draft stock.

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Some other notable players who have been playing well the first few weeks of the college season are:


WILL Olakunle Fatukasi (Rutgers)

SAM Adam Anderson (Georgia)

3-4 LILB Avery Roberts (Oregon State)


Edge Ochaun Mathis (TCU)

Edge Aidan Hutchinson (Michigan)

Edge DeAngelo Malone (Western Kentucky)

Edge Trajan Jeffcoat (Missouri)


LDT Travis Jones (UConn)

LDE Zachary Carter (Florida)

3-4 RDE Phidarian Mathis (Alabama)


FS Verone McKinley III (Oregon)

FS Lewis Cine (Georgia)

FS Dell Pettus (Troy)

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On 9/18/2021 at 1:29 PM, NorthernColt said:

Really hope Wentz works out for us, cause this QB class aint it. Rattler extremely inconsistent, Howell looks like Baker lite. Ballards in Indiana today to watch the game versus Cincinnati, and I'd assume, Ridder, who also is having a brutal game.

This is my biggest fear. If Wentz ends up flaming out, we're going to be in QB hell for years to come. There is no future Andrew Luck type of player on the horizon for this team unfortunately. 

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On 9/20/2021 at 9:36 AM, RollerColt said:

This is my biggest fear. If Wentz ends up flaming out, we're going to be in QB hell for years to come. There is no future Andrew Luck type of player on the horizon for this team unfortunately. 

After the recent setback to Wentz and his career injury history the Colts may have no choice to look elsewhere for a starting QB.  Guess always wishful thinking Andrew Luck will come out of retirement.  QB Matt Corral (Ole Miss) is making a name for himself and now is a Heisman front-runner to consider if Wentz doesn't play up to his trade value with the Eagles and the Colts do secure a Round 1 pick.


The family and I took a mini vacation this weekend so I missed a lot of great football but here are my Week 3 producers.


Three of my favorite CBs that have grown on me are Roger McCreary (Auburn), Chamarri Connor (Virginia Tech), and Ahmad Gardner (Cincy).  Although Gardner didn't have a big stat day he did hold IU's star receiver Ty Fryfogle to a single catch for 13 yards.


The following players continue to have a solid 2021 going for them after this week:


RB Kyren Williams (ND)

SS Kendarin Ray (Tulsa)

SLB Merlin Robertson) (Arizona State)

LDE Jermaine Johnson (Florida State)

RDE Sam Williams (Ole Miss)

WILL Olakunle Fatukasi (Rutgers)

WR Jahan Dotson (PSU)



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    • It's either 75% of snaps or 70% of snaps plus playoff berth.  Obviously he's played virtually all snaps save for the 4th quarter last week.  So he's probably over 75% as of now.  But it's not hard to see a scenario where Wentz gets hurt because we're letting him get molested by opposing defenses.
    • Well unfortunately I don't see any major changes or any flip switching going on the rest of the season so I think we will be lucky to win five games. 5-12. What say you?
    • Yes, he did, and I think rightly so.   The Colts have to figure out how they want to handle their similar situation this week, in my opinion.  If they feel the season is slipping away and they're not going to make the playoffs and have a possible run for the SB (which both are looking pretty doubtful as of today) then they would be justified in sitting Wentz for the next few weeks and rolling with Eason to see if he can become at least a backup in this league or not.   No one could say we were tanking to save our draft choice since Wentz has a legit injury which is preventing us from rolling him out there.  We also get to evaluate Eason and see if we have to invest in another QB or not.  Heck, we may even evaluate Ehlinger since we have the chance if he returns quickly.   Personally, I didn't mind the draft pick in the trade.  I figured Wentz would either return to top QB form and we would be making a decent run in the playoffs or that he would really stink up the joint and we would retain the #1.  I just never really thought we would be this nightmare scenario where we would miss the playoffs and still give up the #1.
    • QB - I think we have our future QB in Wentz. Given all he's had to endure, he's already shown that he can play well, even while under immense pressure. He's our QB through 2024.   LT - Fisher is looking solid. I think we have the answer at the Left Tackle position. OG - Our guards are good. I think we are fine here, even with Nelson's injury. We'll improve as we regain health. C - Kelly seems to always be dealing with some sort of injury and has potential to play well but always plays just average due to health issues. RT - We are hurting at this position currently. I think with a healthy Braden Smith, our O-line will improve.   Of course, a healthy O-line creates more time for the QB to scan the field and find open receivers as well as create running lanes for the RBs. I expect our offense to improve.   On defense, we just do not have any pass rush and I expect this to be the case throughout the year. We are expecting a rookie (Paye) to lead the way, as we know Turay will not stay healthy, and Banogu just has no juice. Without the pass rush, we will allow opposing teams to have their way passing.   We have regressed as a run stopping unit. We've made some improvements over the past two games, but we are far behind where we were last year in stopping the run.   Long story short: I see potential improvements on offense, but the defense will continue to struggle due to lack on DL and Edge.    
    • As did Luck.  I noticed the similarity in the first two games, despite the O line playing poorly.   Its a sign of a QB that looks for down the field chunk plays because he has the arm to convert them.  Rivers did not throw down the field that much....see the difference?   Also, injuries happen to QBs who extend plays waiting for something down the field to open up.   Luck had TY and Ebron, so it worked for him and the offense.  Wentz has nobody down the field to throw to with any consistency.
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