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2021 Preseason Game #2: Colts at Vikings, Saturday, Aug. 21st, 8pm ET


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Just now, IndyEric07 said:

Keep in mind the Donks destroyed the Vikes 33-6 last week!


Eh, it's PS.  Any week who knows what craziness will ensue lol

34 minutes ago, Nelson56 said:

Venturi actually knows what he's talking about.

And still manages to annoy people and sound like a buffoon a good majority of the time..... But I guess it's a matter of taste.

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28 minutes ago, VikingsFanInChennai said:

Thank you for the Vikings draft analysis, @EastStreet.


I'd have liked them to move up for Justin Fields, as @NFLfansaid, but we know Rick Speilman has no clue drafting QBs, and Mike Zimmer likes off-the-field character more than winning traits in a QB, so we're stuck with Cousins and worse backups for as long as these gangs have control over the Vikings. Sigh


Maybe @EastStreet and @stitches can help Rick get a QB. 


@MB-ColtsFan You made a good choice in selecting the Colts over the Vikes. The Vikings and the Lions are the only NFC teams not to make the Super Bowl since I have been following football (early 1990s.)

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