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Wentz Injury Thread


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2 minutes ago, Wentzszn said:

Ballard would be smart to give some statement and get out in front of this.


Nor expecting a great start to the season. 

What IS the injury even?  I'm over the wishy washy b.s. with this team and injuries.  Ballard is great at many things, controlling a narrative he absolutely sucks at.

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1 minute ago, Wentzszn said:

Will they even give him a chance or be dumb and bring some vet in and hand him the job. 

Ha we might get that first round draft pick.


Why would that necessarily be dumb?


Obviously, we have a coaching staff and a front office personnel staff for a reason:  and one big reason is to evaluate the personnel decisions that would best benefit the team.


If Wentz is a no-go for Week 1 (as seems plausible, if not likely, right now), then Reich, Ballard, Dodds, etc. are going to have to determine if we're a better team with Eason or a journeyman vet under center.


Granted, there are other considerations -- like getting a 4th round draft pick some real game experience.  But if he's not ready, he's not ready.  And this isn't High School football.  Every single game is going to count, big time.

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Just now, coltsfan77 said:

Call Phil!! Man played on a bad foot last season! I really miss the days where we had 1 QB behind center! We can't even count Phil as many times as JB entered the game:(

If Wentz is out for the season, I think that will be what we try to do. Question is, has rivers any interest and is he even in shape to it still

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  • Shive changed the title to Wentz Injury Thread

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