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Training Camp-Day one practice 7/28


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9 hours ago, gregr507 said:


He does look pretty nice after the catch, but does it concern anyone that even on his highlight film he seems to have a lot of bobbled catches? There were lots of examples where he doesn't cleanly catch the ball, it hits him in the hands and bounces off and he has to recover to catch it. I did hear there were some concerns about his hands. Seems like Reich and the team likes him though, and obviously they know better than I do. Hopefully it doesn't become an issue

I noticed that too watching highlights after we drafted him.

i’ve heard some say it was primarily one game.  I heard Frank and Ballard, when questioned,  say they had NO concerns.

  But yea, i saw a “double clutch” type of thing often i thought.  Almost glaring.  Those get knocked away In the NFL.

  We’ll see,  I’m gonna be optimistic and assume He’ll be fine.

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