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Mark your calendar - Sunday August 15th


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Team Pass Rush Win Rate


12. Carolina Panthers, 44%

15. Indianapolis Colts, 42%


Team Run Stop Win Rate


7. Indianapolis Colts, 31%

28. Carolina Panthers, 28%


Team Pass Block Win Rate


12. Indianapolis Colts, 60%
23. Carolina Panthers, 53%


Team Run Block Win Rate


7. Indianapolis Colts, 72%

8. Carolina Panthers, 72%

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While I do look forward to seeing guys in pads running around, I've gotta admit that I'm enjoying baseball season an awful lot and as a lifelong Padres fan, it's rare to be envisioning serious October baseball for my hometown team.:strong:

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2 minutes ago, PRnum1 said:

I bet Frank plays Wentz alot in the preseason to let him get used to the offense. 

It's only 3 preseason games now, right? Hopefully the key starters play about a quarter in the 1st,  a half in the 2nd and the 3rd should mainly consist of bubble players, kinda like the 4th one used to.


I think Frank will play Carson in the preseason enough to get him into rhythm, but hopefully Eason and a potential 3rd string QB take the majority of the snaps, especially when the reserves are in. 

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Additional information:


TV coverage: FOX 59 (Fans outside of the local market can watch on NFL Network or with NFL Game Pass)

Play-by-Play: Greg Rakestraw

Color Analyst: Rick Venturi

Sideline: Larra Overton


Fans in-market can live stream the game with their mobile phones on Colts.com


Local Radio coverage: Games can be heard in Indianapolis on 93.5 & 107.5 The Fan and 97.1 HANK FM.

Play-by-Play: Matt Taylor

Color Analyst: Joe Reitz

Sideline: Jeffrey Gorman

Postgame Analysts: Greg Rakestraw, Bill Brooks and Barry Krauss


Radio streaming information:

Available to stream in the Indianapolis area on the Colts mobile app

Listen to the live local call of every Colts game streaming nationally on Colts.com (Desktop only)

NFL Game Pass: The live local call of every Colts game is also available with NFL Game Pass.


Enjoy the game! :1colts:

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    • And so what? Is he hurt even more now or did he get through the game?   There's other parts of this equation that Bowen's article and this consensus that's emerging are missing in my opinion. Say the Colts sit Wentz, but it's known he could have played and wanted to (to what degree of effectiveness, for the purpose of the hypothetical, we wouldn't know, because he's sitting- did this need laid out? lol). So Hundley goes out there, sucks (safe bet to be real honest, but there's some disagreement, fine) and the Colts lose the game. What do you think people are saying right now? Easy. "Why didn't they play the guy who can at least throw the ball", or "these backups suck" and so on and so forth.   I get some of the argument but ultimately Wentz was deemed to give the team the best shot to win by the people who are supposed to know. 
    • Grigson inherited 43 zone defensive players and quickly built a 34 man defense that was decently playoff caliber (IIRC, BALT beat us that wildcard game by Flacco chucking a couple of long bombs where the defender was in position to make the play but didn't (not wide open)).   Grigson used what cap space there was right up to the limit to get a competitive defense right away instead of building through the draft, which takes time.   Ballard also got a decent defense by signing FA vet players.  And, like Grigson, once those players rolled off, the drafted players don't seem to be able to carry the torch.   BTW, TJ Green plays a decent amount of snaps at cornerback for the Falcons and grades out pretty well.  A tall, zone corner.
    • Does your post mean that your with me on most too??    
    • Wentz Update- Still stinks.
    • This isn't Madden.  These GM's are real people with long term friendships and associations with each other.  If Ballard were to try to game the compensation of a trade he already made, it would damage the Colt's reputation among the league.  That would be worse than the loss of the 1st round draft pick.  The Colt's and Ballard are men of their word, they will honor the trade they made for Carson Wentz.  We can criticize it after the fact, it's what we do.
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