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David DeCastro Cut by Steelers


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Has his play declined at all?  Why the release?


He seems like he would be a minor upgrade to Glow if we really wanted to go all in on making this the best OL in the NFL.  But my interest in him is somewhat low because guard really isn't a need right now and he's on the wrong side of 30.

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His play hasn’t declined too much.   I think he was just in the 2020 Pro Bowl. 


It’s said he has a bad ankle.  He may be considering retirement.    I wonder if he’d need a year off to heal, and maybe we’d be interested in 2022 if/when we move on from Glowinski?


That said, I think Reed and Pinter would be the front runners to replace Glow.  Maybe even Holden?  

The grind of the roster never ends. 

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I also really like Reed and Pinter, Reed started 14 games last season and has improved every year in the league coming from a small school as more a track and field type guy (Amazing shot putter). Pinter has versatility and good technique just needs to keep improving strength and growing into his body. I think we are in very good shape when we move on from Glow.

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    • He's a rookie HC and it's probably too early to make some huge proclamation but so far so good. He's checking a lot of the boxes I want our HC to be checking and the areas of the team that most depend on his expertise are doing above expectations based on the talent we have. How are we scoring so much with Minshew play at the putrid level he's been playing for most of the season is beyond me.    I don't know if it's still honeymoon time and I'm not focusing too much on his mistakes(because just like any coach he will make mistakes too), but I never feel worried or anxious about what he's going to call offensively. Purely subjectively, his playcalling just ... feels right. It feels like the offense is in rhythm, feels like he's switching things around and keeping the opponent on their heels. It never feels to me like the opponent knows exactly what we are going to run and is ready to stop it play after play... like the situation was last year.    His offensive coaching hires have been great too... the OL seems to be back on track with the new OL coach(props to him too BTW - finally was able to stop the slide of otherwise talented unit). He seems to be running a good operation with his assistants and QB coach. Just... in general the Colts seem like a well coached team. A team that you will have to work hard to beat, even if our talent is probably not at the level of some of the current juggernauts in the league.    With all that said... I really hope Ballard doesn't come away from this year with the impression that the offense is fine and he doesn't need to invest in it. NO! On the contrary. When you have what seems like a great offensive mind, you don't sit on it - you go get the guy the best talent you can find in order to make that offense not just good(which it is right now), but dominant. Go get a legit no. 1 receiver if you can... go get a TE who can stretch the field and/or make plays after the catch... hell... if you love a RG in the draft... spend a 3d rounder to totally solidify that line and eliminate what seems to be the only weakness/question mark or give the line some much needed depth. Just... in general... don't be complacent with the offense. 
    • I think Kelly will come back next year health permitting.  He is due to make the most that he ever has and its quite a bit more than every season he played besides this one.
    • Like I said above, unless there is a major injury to a team I picked, I am keeping everything the same this week. I got burned this past week switching my Falcons/Saints pick. That won't happen again. Carr plays great against us, then on Sunday he played like Curtis Painter. Carr can go suck a fat egg 
    • Broncos are hot but Stroud is playing out of his mind, and they are at home. If that was at Denver, I would have took the Broncos. As long as we don't turn the ball over, I think we beat the Titans by at least a TD.
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