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Sam Ehlinger, the new Mahomes


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42 minutes ago, The Peytonator said:

Just the baby GOAT and a Detroit Tigers 37th round draft pick. 

Baby GOAT is the perfect term to use. Too early to put him in the same sentence as Tom Brady (7 SB wins, 3 League MVP's), Peyton Manning (2 SB wins, 5 League MVP's), Joe Montana (4 SB wins, 2 League MVP's) and even Aaron Rodgers who has won 3 League MVP's and the same amount of SB's = 1. He's the best QB today but hardly the GOAT. Lets see what he has accomplished 5 years from now, then we can talk. For all we know the Chiefs may never win another SB and come up just short a lot like the Packers have after Aaron won his or the Saints have after Brees won his 1.

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I actually would not mind them setting up a couple of short-yardage packages for Ehlinger so that he can be on the game day roster. Maybe RPO stuff or split him out as a receiver. The more stuff you make their defense plan for, the better chance you have.

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