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Next Years Madden Cover-Pat Mcafee!


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    • I don't see this as such a huge loss or a draft mistake either.  The guy had a lot of potential, worthy of a 4th round flier, and probably still needs a ton of development for that to materialize.  He was beaten out by Jake Fromm (state farm) and had to transfer to start again in college.  He definitely has his limitations.     I will root for him to succeed as I do all colts but I think this team will be fine at the qb position.  He was never going to be the starter here.  
    • Its simple, IMO.  We can't play C2, C1, and C3.  The players that have the variety of high level talents and skills needed to play multiple coverages are simply not available at a reasonable price.  A D can't go switching up personnel to play the different coverages.  Most players need to stay on the field and be versatile.   Pick a scheme and play it 80% of the time.  Learn to coach it well to lessen the scheme's warts and have a persistent pass rush that helps the secondary.   I don't know who in the FO isn't seeing this.  If its Flus at the core of this, well, its been an issue for about 3 years so Ballard must be blind then.  I'm not in a position to know the priorities of such decision making so I can't say they don't know what they're looking at, but it sure is hard to see how the players fit into any type of consistent defensive scheme.   That goes for the DEs too.  Lewis is looking better, but Ben and Turay never seemed like good fits like Paye and Dayo do.
    • So you don't think you need a cover type safety in those schemes?    Cover three begs for it, and usually C2 has a good one too.  He wasn't bad in C2 he was well better than average and was improving. 
    • This is what I wanted once it was down to these 4 teams.   I will be happy if the Dodgers and Red Sox lose.  I may be flipping to the Braves game tonight when the Browns/Broncos are at commercial and halftime.  
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