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Chad Kelly got a tryout with Green Bay

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The sad saga of Chad Kelly continues. Recently got a tryout with Green Bay, which is short on quarterbacks, along with Kurt Benkert, but the Packers signed Benkert instead. They are still looking, though. Reportedly bringing in another free agent QB Donald Hammond III today. 




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  • Nadine changed the title to Chad Kelly got a tryout with Green Bay
On 5/26/2021 at 1:59 AM, Four2itus said:

Still the most talked about practice squad player...................................................ever. 

Well, Deion Cain may have given him a run for his money on that.

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Wait a minute, is it just my imagination or is the Chad Kelly fan club desperately trying to resurrect his relevance? I thought another thread was locked for that??? 

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This guy goes and throws a few balls that looks solid in the preseason, some folks acknowledge this- then people get annoyed at the folks who noticed that few solid looking passes, because it's "a few passes" and it become this rather hilarious circle.


I fell like this side story is an example of how people react to so much of what's going on.

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    • The Eagles were a very rare situation. It's certainly not a model to build after. Look at them post 2017. IMO, that was a lot of luck. Look at Foles' entire history. He simply wasn't that good. Very inconsistent career.   You don't have to count on Wentz to be a savior, for him to be very good. He's played at top 10ish levels in QBR 3 out of his 4 years. I for one, don't believe we need to use him as a game manager. I think think we need to simply be balanced. A vet backup QB in our system might get us to the playoffs, but they aren't taking us deep. And keep in mind Philly had a top 5 D that year.    I'd be fine though with a "cheap" vet backup on a short term deal. I think there are sometimes great bargains to be had, like Winston last year with NO. But I'm more than fine with rolling with Eason. If Wentz goes down, I'll enjoy the rest of the season, but my expectations will be far lower, and I'd rather have a high draft pick, than a 8-8 team, or early out in the playoffs.
    • They might still, but lets be honest, its a backup role   I think they want to see what they have first   Give Speed a chance, he MIGHT be just what's needed   There will be some decent, not great backup LBs come available during the last cuts   If we need one we will go get them   I hope that our current bench shows well, and we stand pat.    
    • IDK. Walker was playing mostly early downs vs the run. Their (Walker and Oke) passing grades (passer rating allowed, etc) were very similar. Oke's grades overall took a huge step back in year 2 (sub 50 PFF too). With Walker playing mostly run downs (and good at defending the run), and Oke playing mostly passing downs (and his grades weren't good), I just don't see that as an "answer". And Oke will be playing run downs now, which is one of the digs on him to begin with. Exit Walker yes, but enter big gamble. And keep in mind, when Leonard went down, it was Walker who they moved to WILL, not Oke, which says something.   RYS is a 4.51 guy. Not elite speed, but more than enough. We saw him play very very well the 2H of 2019. He had injuries last year, early, middle, and late season. So speed is not really a reason I'd rule him out on. I do wonder though if he'd be more of a natural fit in a man scheme.   I do think he'd make a good S, but not ready to abandon his potential at CB just yet.
    • So, do you think we’re a serious contender?   Agree with you if Peyton or Rodgers is your QB.  But if you’re a run heavy team with a great Oline and a good D, a veteran backup can take you pretty far.  We’re all saying we’re not counting on Wentz to be the savior.  Just be decent and use the weapons.  Call it luck, but the Eagles did prove that out.     All that being said, I agree with your last point.     
    • That Walker was so bad in coverage they had to get him off the roster.  The question is why are we so bad in coverage? Exit Walker.  And, Ya-Sin will never have the speed so i believe he is not in great shape to be on the roster past this season. My crystal ball. Could he become a safety?  
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