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Mathis to be added to the Colts Ring of Honor

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12 minutes ago, Barry Sears said:

Was supposed to happen last season, but COVID  made them decide to wait so fans could be there to witness the ceremony.




Maybe seeing that will fire up the guys to sack the old man a few times!

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    • Boo to you then.         I shall quote my own reply and explain the joke then.  
    • We'll have to agree to disagree.  I was just hoping for a player with more potential.   
    • It's weird that once people see something happen, ie. Foles spelling Wentz in Philly, these two guys names are glued together now and I'm not sure why this being repeated like it's just common sense everywhere. Foles is on his 5th team is it? If he was a guy who could start and succeed during a regular season, it'd be happening.    There's better options, and nothing is going to keep me from hoping Ballard figures out how to bring in Rodgers next year. That's the move that would make the difference. Everything else looks like a guessing game right now. And getting rid of Wentz after this year isn't going to be huge deal for anyone who wants to go look that up. The team simply needs to know what the think about him by the end of the season. Then they can pick. 
    • I already updated the thread title, so now your joke doesn't make sense.     Apparently the team had already been in contact with Hundley before Wentz went down and he was already in the Covid protocol, which is why he was able to be at training camp the same day he was signed. I think they saw him as an upgrade over at least Morton and someone that could possibly push Eason and Ehlinger.   Wilson was a much different QB prospect than Eason though, and actually, quite the opposite. Wilson was known as an extremely high football IQ player, who could make all of the throws, but was deemed "too short" and fell on draft day. Eason has nowhere near the starting experience and hasn't shown anywhere near the football IQ (on field) as Wilson, but he has the size and the arm.
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