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The Achilles heel of the colts is the Achilles tendon...


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Maybe it's been discussed, but it seems we have one critical position (fisher), one very useful position (mack), and one high hopes position (odeyingbo) all hoping to return from Achilles injuries. We had some ties to mack but no reason to pick up the others. These injuries are not all equal presumably, but it seems like only 2/3 of nfl players return. It averages about 11 months, and most never return to form or full playing time. 


Maybe the colts docs and coaches know more than average, but this seems statistically crazy to bank so much on this many key players, especially since it blocks other players from being drafted or paid (I know it's not long contracts). Why do the colts love players with Achilles injuries more than every other team seems to? 

I was referencing this article:


I'd love to be wrong and want to be excited about all of them though! 

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  • nsurg changed the title to The Achilles heel of the colts is the Achilles tendon...

Discussed a lot in many other threads already... 


But, IMO, worth discussing if the topic if it's about Indy's willingness to roll the dice on injuries in general.


Fisher - big gamble on a huge position of need. Early schedule could be ugly if Tevi has to start the first month. Huge gamble.


Dayo - good value in the 2nd. Young and should heal. It's a long term play, one that I'm not sure we should have taken given other needs. Good gamble.


Mack - pretty easy decision IMO. Cheap, and short term. Any production will be great. Good loyalty sign to set him with another team in 2022. If he heals well, he'll be a fantastic RB2. Almost zero risk and lots of upside. No risk gamble. 

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Just like other types of tears, not only does everyone rehab and heal different but each year is different. Does anyone even know the severity of Fishers tear? There is 4 types and if his were a type 2 than the healing process could be much easier and less time versus a type 4. Many things go into these and trust me, the Colts medical staff will know far far more than anyone here. Ballard doesn’t sign a guy (Fisher) not thinking he plays in 2021. 

Dayo is young and could sit this year if need be but the mood has been he will be able to play in ‘21 as well. 

Mack is healed but the question will be, does he still have that explosion through the hole. Does he still have speed. And of course can he stay healthy. 

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