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Reich on Rich Eisen-Talks Wentz and draft picks

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    • So you want the colts to go back to the grigson days of always making panic trades . Throw away a second round pick on a 32 year old wr when we could turn that second rounder into 10 year player instead of a 2 year rental .    I rather build slowly and have a nice base of young talent than to panic like grigson did and give away our draft picks . I don’t want the oldest roster in the league again and to buy a locker room . Once the colts can become a 12 plus win team and make noise in the playoffs then making a trade to put us over the top is fine . We are not there yet 
    • Bingo!  We've known that dynamic since the invention of the first vaccine 100 years ago.   This is what's scary.  Vaccines have been around forever, and people have always gotten them for their own protection against disease. Somehow the conversation has turned to where you are supposed to get a vaccine for another reason.  What motivated the switch?( a lot of people know the answer but can't say it here)   If an unvaccinated person got the measles, would a normal person blame themselves for getting the measles, or would they blame the unvaxed group of people for giving it to them?    "I blame you for giving me the measles because you did not get vaccinated.  BTW, neither did I"  I dont get it.    
    • Meanwhile, the Cardinals sign Wade LeBlanc...a veteran pitcher who was recently outrighted by the Orioles.   That's how desperate we are for pitching.  Good grief...I think we bring back Chris Carpenter, he's well rested and looks to be in great shape!
    • The way I see the Ertz situation is that teams are waiting the Eagles out.  As far as I know the Eagles have not lowered their asking price for Ertz which has been reported to be a 3rd rd pick.  I think they will have to eventually take a lower pick from some team or release him.  I think we are waiting this out as well.  Ertz was given permission to find a trade partner still no trade.  So obviously the Eagles are fine with holding out for as long as they can.  An injury in camp can change everything.   I think we have improved considerably this off season.  Wentz being the obvious improvement.  I trust Reich on that move.  And I think our OL is also improved.  There is no AFC opponent that I see has clear favorites over us.  I think we can play toe to toe with all of them.  It comes down to game planing, coaching and the dreaded the injury bug for me.  We have the talent.  If players perform like they think they will a Super Bowl is very much in play.  
    • For once, you and I on the same line of thinking, that’s scary
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