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Colts off-season schedule

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I love the nfl because there is always something going on. Never a real offseason. That break from mini camp until actual TC always seems to be the longest stretch without news.

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So there are OTS’s the last week if May, the first week of June and the second week of June. 

Will be interesting to see if these even happen?   The NFLOA and the owners are currently fighting.   The players don’t want to attend any OTA’s.   Ownership obviously wants the players there.


Currently, roughly 10 teams have voted not to participate.   More teams could still vote that way.  The owners position that it is legal not to pay players who get hurt while training away from the team facility is not helping matters.   It’s pouring gasoline on a fire.   This is worth keeping an eye on.   Young players need all the practice they can get. 

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9 hours ago, chad72 said:

4 QBs in 4 years, God bless Reich and Ballard!!!

Yea, after only 2 QBs in a long while.  And pretty good ones at that.

Now we seem to be following the old Browns model.  Haha.

We didnt know how good we had it!

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