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Ian Book drafted by Saints

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I liked this kid and felt he was underrated.  He showed he can win and operate a offense that lacked weapons. I think he can be a serviceable/successful backup QB in this league. I'm happy he's going on well coached team and QB friendly HC. 



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As an ND fan, that offense didn't lack weapons, and hasn't for years.... It's lacked an elite QB, because the coach gets stuck on the safest option every year and never lives through the growing pains to develop and let elite young guys gain in game experience, then they transfer out.... He lost Book, and he's preparing to do it again this year with another pedestrian "safe" grad transfer qb while he has elite talent riding the bench because they aren't "experienced". Book will do well to grow into a role not unlike a Nate Sudfeld or Danny Etling.....fringe backup, should be a cfl starter....

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