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Unpopular Optimism Post Draft/UDFA Period

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48 minutes ago, MikeCurtis said:

I still think we end up with Eartz


The Eagles dont have the cap (Its a 12m hit, i believe)


I think the hit is closer to $2M if they cut him (I would have to look again)


I think he will be cut and will be available....   I dont think anyone is paying 10M for his services


I think we get him for 6M ish for a one yea deal


IF we get Ertz and Fisher/Okung, we are cooking as a Top 5 AFC contender, IMO. Here is to hoping for the best!!! :thmup:

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1 hour ago, coltsfan1965 said:

I'm just not sure they want to keep 4 active TE on the roster. Maybe if Granson is a special teamer also. 

Eagles will be waiting till after June 1 to Cut Ertz......   They are only on the hook for $4m 


I think there is a decent chance (50/50) that Jack Doyle has played his last down for the Colts 

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