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Looking back at the last four Ballard lead drafts

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I thought it was interesting to see the four (4) classes laid out together:  2017 - 2020.  Note:  We have not selected a player in the 1st round during the last two drafts.  


I listed them by round and overall pick.  Ballard has had very good success in picks beyond the first two rounds.  


1/15 - Malik Hooker, S
2/46 =Quincy Wilson, CB
3/80 - Tarell Basham, EDGE
4/137 - Zach Banner, OT
4/143 – Marlon Mack
4/144 – Grover Stewart
5/158 – Nate Hairston
5/161 – Anthony Walker


1/6 – Quenton Nelson
2/36 – Darius Leonard
2/37 – Braden Smith
2/52 – Kemoko Turay
2/64 – Tyquan Lewis
4/104 – Nyheim Hines
5/159 – Daurice Fountain 
5/169 – Jordan Wilkins
6/185 – Deon Cain
7/221 – Matthew Adams
7/235 – Zaire Franklin


2/34 – Rock Ya Sin
2/49 – Ben Banogu
2/59 – Parris Campbell
3/89 – Bobby Okereke
4/109 – Khari Willis
5/144 – Marvel Tell
5/164 – EJ Speed
6/199 – Gerri Green
7/240 – Jackson Barton
7/246 – Javon Patterson


2/34 – Michael Pittman, Jr.
2/41 – Jonathan Taylor
3/85 – Julian Blackmon
4/122 – Jacob Eason
5/149 – Danny Pinter
6/193 – Rob Windsor
6/211 – Isaiah Rodgers
6/212 – Dezmon Patmon
6/213 – Jordan Glasgow
UDFA – Rodrigo Blankenship

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    • Reich is one of the greatest assets the Colts have; he is awesome. Hope he is the coach and calling plays for years to come. 
    • He's an interesting case. Last week against Buffalo he made several critical blocks to spring nice runs, and this week makes several nice catches. Particularly liked the toe drag swag for the first down. Really good all around contributor.
    • you're way oversimplifying to try to justify your point.  It's not so much about one player as it is about completely ignoring one important aspect of the game....the running game.  if they took Taylor out and gave the carries to Jackson, Hines or Mack, that would have still been infinitely better than not attempting a run for over an entire quarter.   It was proven in the other threads that when the colts at least attempt to run the ball (even in a pass heavy offense with a 2:1 pass to run ratio):   -the colts commit far fewer turnovers -the colts punt far less frequently -the colts score more efficiently   something that won't show up on any stat sheet:  when run blocking, the offensive line gets to attack the opposing defensive line.  when pass blocking, the opposing defensive line gets to attack our offensive line.  it only stands to reason that the opposing defensive line will wear down far more quickly when they're being attacked than when they're doing the attacking.  this only helps the passing game by wearing down the opposing pass rushers.   even the great peyton manning wasn't able to beat teams all on his own.  the one time they had the most success from an offensive perspective in the playoffs was when he continued to utilize the running game with addai and rhodes.  how many years did the offense stink up the place in playoff games because peyton put everything on his shoulders and failed to utilize the running game, even when it was very successful in the regular season?     Frank was given one of the best offensive lines in football which is one of the best in run blocking in the league, and maybe above average in pass blocking.  he wasn't scared to play to his strengths against buffalo so I can't even fathom why he refused to do the same against the bucs.  in his post game presser he tried to justify by saying the run wasn't working in the first quarter.  that's true.  what he failed to mention was that the run game was successful in the 2nd quarter and that's when the offense as a whole was the most effective and scored the most points.     it's no coincidence that the colt's record is far better when they attempt at least 18-20+ rushes vs the very poor record in games when they rush for 15 or fewer.  spread the rushing attempts around to mack, hines, jackson and taylor if you want.  that's fine.  it's still keeping the defense honest.  though, it only makes sense to give as many as possible to the guy averaging over 5 ypc, even against the best rush defenses in the league.  one of the few non-qbs to get himself into the mvp conversation.  
    • Nothing wrong at all with being critical of Frank, Wentz, Fish, or whoever. If they play bad or Frank has some head scratching calls I get it. I am critical of players and coaches but to say we should get rid of someone everytime we lose is comical when people do that, JMO.
    • He would of scored a TD had Fisher held on for one more second against barrett.
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